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How To Take Care Of Your Physical Health While Working From Home

Mar 13, 2020
Last Updated May 20, 2024

For many people, working from home means a new routine, a new environment, and new challenges when it comes to focusing on your wellbeing and physical health.

In light of rising concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has prompted more people to work from home, here are some tips for prioritizing your physical health while working remotely:

Get creative to stay active

Setting time aside to get your body moving is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You may have to get creative, but there are plenty of effective exercises you can do at home that require no equipment like burpees, jumping jacks, squats, and arm circles. Yoga is also a useful way to wind down after a day at work. Downward Dog, Cat-Cow, and Warrior I and II are great for beginners. Throw in some planks and you’ll definitely feel the burn.

Get plenty of sleep

Poor sleep has been proven to affect your immune system and has been linked to health risks such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Start focusing on your workday the night before by setting up a simple  and getting plenty of sleep. 

Take a break to stretch it out

Whatever your work setup looks like at home, you’re likely sitting in the same position for long periods of time. That’s why it’s important to check in with your body throughout the day and do a few stretching exercises. This not only relieves any stiffness or soreness, it’s been proven to help you focus better.

Keep your area clean

Maintain a clean work area just like you would in an office with your colleagues. Make sure to wipe down surfaces regularly and to wash your hands often. Adopting these hygiene habits throughout your day will keep you happy and healthy. 

Make time for healthy lunches and snacks

When you’re at home, you might be tempted to skimp on fueling up. Remind yourself to take your lunch and snack breaks just like you would at an office. Keep healthy snacks around to tame any cravings and eat a nourishing lunch to avoid the midday slump. 

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