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Wellhub Effect

With widespread adoption, Wellhub offers corporate wellness that drives better retention, higher productivity, and lower healthcare costs.

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Healthy people are good for business

Work-life wellness with Wellhub benefits everyone - healthier people, happier companies, proven savings.


Boost in employees becoming physically active [1]


Reduction in annual employee healthcare costs [2]


Improvement in employee retention [3]


More support for you. Better benefits for your crew.

The all-in-one solution for your entire employee wellbeing strategy.

Company solutions

Ensure program success with best-in-class support

  • Employee engagement

    Launch campaigns that drive enrollment and usage.

  • Easy program administration

    Manage enrollment, monitor usage, and measure results.

  • Global support for employees

    Ensure the best wellbeing experience for your team.

  • Exclusive events & education

    Connect employees to wellbeing seminars, webinars, and more.

  • Wellness program resources

    Use ready-made marketing assets to amplify awareness.

  • Dedicated client success team*

    Get help with setup, rollout, and annual planning expertise.

  • New network requests

    Refer gyms, studios, and apps to join the Wellhub Network.

*For enterprise clients only.

Employee benefits

Offer your team total wellbeing with one network.

  • Empower more physical activity

    with in-person gyms & studios.

  • Relieve stress & promote self-care

    with apps for mental wellbeing.

  • Nurture healthy eating habits

    with apps for nutrition guidance.

  • Support health for their loved ones

    with family member add-on.**

  • Provide flexible access to wellness

    with on-demand classes.

  • Offer personalized wellness coaching

    with 1:1 virtual personal training.

**Add-on option available.


There’s no other network like Wellhub

Employees get the most options to support their mental, physical, and nutritional wellbeing.


In-person gyms & studios


Virtual personal trainers


Premium wellbeing apps

Happy employee

Valerie T. - Concierge Services

“I am so thankful our company cares enough to invest in our overall wellbeing! My Wellhub membership gives me the opportunity to support myself mentally, physically, and emotionally”


See benefit adoption actually happen

We’ve proven our engagement methods work - 61% of employees didn’t belong to a gym or studio one month prior to joining Wellhub.

  • Dedicated specialists

    By analyzing employee behavior and collaborating with HR teams we deliver top-tier engagement strategies.

  • Tailored strategies

    We launch monthly campaigns, webinars, and wellness events that resonate with employees to drive adoption.

  • Effective support

    Beyond wellness program launch support, we provide ongoing initiatives to drive continual engagement.


How to pay for Wellhub

Companies and employees both contribute to get affordable access to the Wellhub network.

Pricing for companies

Annual contract

Pay monthly with annual rates based on team size and investment level.

Online platform

Use the Wellhub platform to manage adoption, engagement, and track ROI.

Pricing for employees

Monthly subscription

Employees pay month-to-month for a plan that fits their wellness needs.

Mobile app

Employees use the Wellhub app to book gyms, classes, training, and more.

Discover how payroll integration pays off

Less admin for payroll teams. More wellbeing for employees: Total win for HR.

Loved by our community

Happy company

Renata H. - Human Resources

“Wellhub is a benefit that is easy to manage, and you can invest knowing that it will fulfill its purpose - an investment in health. Wellhub is an extremely relevant partner for us.”

Happy employee

Peter S. - Pharmacist

“Wellhub allowed me to build and maintain training at least two days per week with a local trainer. The additional apps have helped me work on creating healthy sleep habits.”

Get Wellhub and support your healthiest workforce

Become a wellness company today.

  • Support total wellbeing

  • Break the burnout cycle

  • Reduce healthcare costs

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Make your team happy

  • (Be an HR hero)

You agree Wellhub may use the information to contact you regarding relevant products and services. Questions? See our Privacy Policy.

[1] Internal study

Internal study conducted by Wellhub with global clients to understand increase in workforce physical activity over 3 years.

[2] Internal study

Internal study conducted by Wellhub with US clients launched after January 2019; users considered active with >2 check-ins/mo.

[3] Internal study

Internal study conducted by Wellhub with Brazilian clients from January 2019-May 2022; users considered ‘moderate and above’ with >5 check-ins/mo.