Adding Wellhub to your payroll, pays off.

Payroll integration with Wellhub is simple to set up, easy to manage, and proven to boost benefit adoption.

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Drive 3X higher enrollment

Put wellbeing front and center by offering your employees worry-free access to Wellhub.

Increase adoption

Companies that integrate Wellhub with their payroll typically see 3X higher enrollment rates. [1]

Promote access

31% of employees say not worrying about payment balances is the best benefit of paying by paycheck. [2]

Offer convenience

Providing employees a convenient way to manage payment improves benefit usage by up to 140%. [3]

Getting Started

How to connect payroll

No complicated setups here. Easily add Wellhub to your payroll* without any launch interruption.

  • View our payroll guide

    Get step-by-step guidance to add Wellhub to payroll.

  • Share with payroll teams

    Ensure the guidelines meet the needs of your team.

  • Reach out for requests

    Connect with your Wellhub specialist for any specific needs.

*Payroll integration is only available for companies with 100+ employees.

Payroll management

Easy management and accurate reporting

Wellhub offers reliable and precise admin tools that save your payroll teams hours of work. 

Customizable billing

Select receiving dates to align with company payday and processing.

Real-time monitoring

Track paycheck deductions as new employees subscribe to Wellhub.

Secure file transfer

Ensure security with automated SFTP with PGP data encryption.

Flexible onboarding

Add employees throughout the month by updating the employee list. 

Easy offboarding

Receive immediate files with remaining owed deductions.

Simplified calculations

Get an easy-to-understand file with the total amount owed per employee.


Frequently asked questions

Want more info? Visit our help center.

The billing frequency is monthly to align with users' plans. However, you can choose a specific billing date that corresponds to a paycheck within the month for the subscription amounts to be deducted.

Your HR admin can easily disable payroll for individuals or groups of employees using the ‘payroll enabled’ field when uploading the employee list. Organizations may utilize this feature for employees who may not always meet the minimum amount on their paycheck for the Wellhub deduction to be included.

Please consult your company’s tax professionals for guidance on tax reporting questions. 

Add Wellhub to your payroll today

Less admin for payroll teams. More wellbeing for employees: Total win for HR. 

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