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6 Dads On What Self-Care, Family, And Staying Active Means To Them

Jun 18, 2021
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

This Father’s Day, self-care is taking center stage. Beyond receiving classic dad gifts and sharing a special meal, this day is a valuable reminder for dads to take time just for them. 

Hear from 6 fitness dads on how they are spending this special day and cultivating space for physical and mental health. 

Photo Credit: Terry Williams

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What will you be doing to take care of yourself this Father’s Day?

Terry Williams, Gym Owner of The League:

“I plan to simply take the day OFF! No big plans, because I am such a planner that plans can turn into work. I fully intend to rest and enjoy quality time with my wife and kiddos. Nothing else brings me more joy, and nothing else is needed!”

Can you share some big or small wins you’ve experienced as a father this year?

Bryce Morris,trainer atLife Time:

“Being able to take Jiu jitsu classes together with my son.”

What are your favorite ways to get your self-care in?

Farouk Houssein, trainer at FHITTING ROOM:

To me, self care is making sure I am getting in a workout as consistently as possible. Whether that is lifting weights, getting in a HIIT workout, going on a run, or doing jiu jitsu- being active in some way daily, makes me feel my best! It is tough some days, between work, parenthood and being a husband but sometimes,something is better than nothing.”

Photo Credit: Carlos Davila

What does caring for your physical and mental health mean to you?

Carlos Davila, Instructor/DIO at FHITTING ROOM:

“Mental health [for me] has been a huge focus over the past year. I have been in therapy for many years now, but last year created a space where discussions round “protecting one’s peace” and energy have become more normalized.”


What are your favorite ways to get active together as a family?

Daury Dross, owner of Drossfit:

“Me and my wife are both very active we go bike riding with the kids and take them to the park our oldest son Daury he loves to play football and our youngest son Mason is still figuring out his love for certain things but he enjoys all the activities that we do as a family.”

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are some things you are looking forward to doing as a family?

Photo Credit: Zack Nagle

Zack Nagle, trainer with NEOU:

“Traveling more and heading back to restaurants again. My wife and I are foodies. We love to try new restaurants, food & cocktails. With the restrictions and having a newborn, we haven’t been to a sit-down restaurant in some time. Before our daughter, we always said we can’t wait to bring our baby to a restaurant and add a 3rd to our “party”. Looking forward to being able to do so.” 



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