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Working From Home? Here’s How To Organize Your Workspace

Apr 10, 2020
Last Updated May 8, 2024

When you work from home, your living quarters become your office. But there’s a way to carve out a workspace that makes you feel good during your office hours. We invited Wellhub employees to share how they organize their workspaces while they work from home.

Check out what they had to say:

Tidy up

Having an organized desk has been shown to reduce stress and improve your focus. When your home becomes your workspace, it can be difficult to make sure your environment is completely organized, so start small. Wellhubber Jane Barrett suggested making your bed every day to give yourself a sense of tidying up.

“Messy bed, messy head,” she said.

Set up your workspace in a way that lets you balance work and play

Working at home comes with its challenges, including learning how to officially end the workday when you don’t have a commute. Wellhubber Alex Edel found a way to help her transition from office mode to relaxation mode without having a separate space devoted just to work. She turned her dining room table into a makeshift standing desk with this desk extension. It easily folds up, so she can tuck it away when she’s done working and get full use of her table back.

Standing desk with a laptop

Stock your desk with things to help get you through the day

Whether you spend weekdays working at your home office or getting things done at the kitchen table, surround yourself with things that will help the day run smoothly and keep you grounded while working. Wellhub employee April Espinoza keeps a candle close by. “It has kept me zen while working,” she said.

A candle on a desk

Wellhubber Bryan Diamond has a candle on his desk, too, plus a framed photo and  “the essentials” like hand sanitizer and noise-cancelling headphones.

Desk with a computer and headphones

Add some personal touches

You’ll want the obvious items like your laptop charger, pens, and a notebook nearby, but it’s also nice to add some personal touches to make your workspace your own. Wellhub employee Shanna Salmon keeps mementos like birthday cards on her desk.

“Placing reminders of fond memories and people in your life can be super helpful at this time,” she said. “For me, it’s a team picture from a holiday party and birthday cards from family!”

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