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What To Expect If You’re New To Online Workout Classes

May 20, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Wellhub has more digital fitness and wellness options than ever, including live-streamed workouts from gyms and studios across the country. With Live Classes, you can take online workout classes from your favorite gyms and instructors right in your living room.

A live-streamed workout will certainly be different than a trip to the gym, but in many cases, you can expect the same things you love about an in-person class, just virtually. Here’s what to expect from your first Live Class:


Feedback from instructors (but just as much enthusiasm)

Part of the appeal of an in-person workout class is the feedback and motivation you get from the instructors. They can cheer you on, offer suggestions about your form, and make sure you perform every exercise safely and effectively. 

In an online workout class, you’ll experience the same support and enthusiasm through your screen. Many instructors play music that’s similar to their in-person classes, and they definitely bring the same energy. If you’re comfortable keeping your camera on during a Live Class, your instructor can even offer corrections and feedback to keep you moving. 

A sense of camaraderie and community

Even though you won’t be working out with a ton of people beside you like in a class at the gym, you can still connect with others with live-streamed workouts. If you leave your camera on, you can try to follow the pace of the rest of the class. If you’d rather stay off camera, you can always use the chat feature on Zoom to give a shout-out to your instructor at the end or send your fitness friends a virtual high-five. 

Live Classes are also a great way to connect with friends from afar — just sign up for the same class! You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and motivate each other to keep pushing.

And of course, a fun (but tough) workout

Think online workout classes give you less of a workout? Think again. We chatted with [solidcore] coach Raven Jelks last month and she confirmed you can still feel “the shakes” in a [solidcore] At Home class, available on Wellhub. 

For any of our Live Classes, your virtual fitness instructor will know how to modify exercises to be more living room-friendly, but they’ll also make sure to bring the intensity. You can expect a fun, tough workout that will leave you sweaty. Just make sure to leave time after your Live Class to cool down and stretch.

Wellhub is a fitness app available through companies like yours. Enroll now to try our live-streamed classes, our digital wellness platform, and our 1-on-1 virtual personal training feature. If your company offers Wellhub, sign up now for free. If it's not in your benefits package yet, help us connect with your HR team!



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