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[solidcore] Coach Explains How Class Is Different At Home vs. In The Studio

May 1, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Due to COVID-19, gyms across the country have turned to streaming their workouts to keep their members active at home.

In their studios, Wellhub partner [solidcore] offers high-intensity, low-impact resistance training with help from their unique Megaformer machine called Sweatlana. With [solidcore] At Home, you can now stream similar workouts that have been adapted for your living room (no special equipment needed). And they’re available on Wellhub through our Live Class feature!

To learn more about how gyms like [solidcore] are adapting their workouts to do at home, we chatted with [solidcore] coach and studio manager Raven Jelks.


What can I expect to be different in a Live Class like [solidcore]’s?

For a home workout, you likely won’t have access to the same equipment that you would in-studio.

“The biggest difference between [solidcore] at home and in the studio is that my girl Sweatlana can’t join the party,” Jelks said.

Instead, [solidcore] coaches at home are using gliders and weights to mimic the intensity and feel of an in-studio workout. 

Another key difference involves the lack of hands-on corrections that you would typically get in an in-person class. But don’t worry. Jelks said the [solidcore] team is intentionally demonstrating all of the moves more frequently so clients can perform all the exercises safely and ensure they have proper form.

What can I expect to be the same?

Just because you’re working out in a virtual class doesn’t mean you lose all of the energy that an in-person class brings. Jelks said the fun music, the high-energy coaching, and the team atmosphere are all included in a [solidcore] At Home class.

“I think we’ve done a fantastic job of keeping all the things that drive people to [solidcore] and just tweaking things slightly to fit our new normal,” Jelks said.

What if I don’t have exercise equipment at home?

If you don’t have any traditional exercise equipment, catch up on our blog post about household items to use as gym equipment. For [solidcore] specifically, Jelks said a lot of clients are still crushing their workouts with no equipment at all. 

“If you don’t have gliders, paper plates, towels, or fuzzy socks have all worked well depending on your floor,” she said. “We even had someone tie parchment paper to her feet!”

For weights, any household items on the heavier side will work and according to Jelks, many people are getting creative.

“We’ve seen everything from cans and wine bottles to pets and small children. Nothing like watching someone chest press their French Bulldog,” she joked.

Will I really get as tough of a workout in a live-stream class?

Absolutely! You get what you put into the workout. For [solidcore] At Home workouts, Jelks was a bit worried she wouldn’t be able to replicate the intensity of a studio workout, especially without Sweatlana and her springs, but she said the “added friction of the floor really is a great substitute.”

“Trust me, the shakes are still there!” she said.

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