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7 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home (Even In A Small Space)

Oct 12, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Cardio exercises play an important role in your fitness routine. They strengthen your heart, support your circulatory system, and have been linked to getting better sleep.

When you think of a cardio workout, you probably think of running outside or on a treadmill, indoor or outdoor cycling, or maybe even swimming. But there are plenty of cardio, also known as aerobic, exercises you can do at home that require no equipment at all.

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These cardio exercises are guaranteed to get your heart pumping whether you’re new to working out or you’re a seasoned fitness pro.


Here are 7 effective cardio exercises you can do at home

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a gym class classic because they’re effective for getting your heart rate up and all you need to do them is yourself. They’re also a great option for your pre-workout warm-up.

Plank jacks

There’s more than one kind of “jack” on this list, and this one combines cardio with core and arm strengthening. Start with a plank and then jump both feet out to the side with one fluid movement. Jump again and bring your feet back to their starting position, all while holding your plank and tightening your core.

High knees

Think of high knees as an intense version of running in place. To really push yourself during your cardio workout, hold your hands up about waist-high with your palms down and commit to connecting your knee to your palm with every movement. 

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the most popular conditioning exercises. You’ll often see boxers grab a rope as part of their workouts (try it as a warm-up), but this exercise can be done with or without an actual rope. Simply mimic the movement of jumping rope and you’ll be sweaty after just a few minutes.

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Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are not only a great cardio exercise, they also help strengthen your core. You can blast off when switching your feet to get more cardio in, or you can stick with stepping your feet back and forth for a more low-impact workout. We promise you’ll feel the burn and get a tough cardio workout in either way.

Jump lunges

When done properly, regular lunges not only give your legs a tough workout, they also target your core and can help with balance. Add a jump to get all these benefits plus a blast of breathless cardio. Just be sure to do some proper stretching exercises afterward.


No cardio list is complete without burpees. This total-body exercise challenges you both mentally and physically and it’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

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