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A [solidcore] Instructor Shares Her 3 Favorite Moves

Feb 18, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

When you book a [solidcore] class, expect to get a Pilates-inspired workout like no other. Thanks to Sweatlana, [solidcore]’s appropriately named machine, you’ll go through intense resistance training that will leave you sweaty and satisfied.

Natalie Montesino, a [solidcore] instructor in Miami, shares her three favorite [solidcore] moves with Wellhub and explains exactly how you should be doing them in the studio. Plus, she offers an added challenge for each move in case you want to kick your workout up a notch.

Check out her favorite [solidcore] moves and her instructions for each below!


One-legged squat


Begin with both feet stacked directly under your hips with your feet parallel. Pop your active glute out and drive the opposite leg down until it becomes parallel with the floor. This allows you to send all your weight into your active leg, emphasizing a lean into that leg.

While keeping your chin off your chest, squat down to 90 degrees using your active leg. This allows all your weight to drive into that leg. As you pull yourself up using your outer glutes and thighs, only come up 80 percent of the way, never locking out that active leg. This will allow tension to build with every rep.

Want an added challenge? Add a weight to this motion and leave your active leg down at 90 degrees. See how long you can hold it!

Plank to pike

Begin in a plank position with your toes touching, your elbows directly stacked under your shoulders, and your core engaged. Using your lower and upper abdominals, you want to pull your legs into an inverted “V,” challenging your stability. That means you need to keep your core engaged the entire time to assist you. 

As you lower, you’re fighting gravity to avoid sending your body down into a plank as fast as possible. This motion should be done slowly so you can feel a total core burn. Lower your legs back down to reach your starting plank position and lift again. Lifting your hips, squeezing your glutes, and bringing your belly button to your spine is what’s allowing your body to become this inverted “V” shape.

Want an added challenge? See how long you can keep your hips lifted over your shoulders in the inverted “V” for a core burner.

Romanian deadlift

This motion targets your hamstrings and gives you a quick burn. Begin with one foot propped up on a stable platform while your opposite leg is completely straight beneath your hip. As you keep a straight line from your head to your tailbone, drive your hands (or weights if you’re using them) from your knee down to your shin area. Don’t try to reach the floor for this motion — a short range of motion is effective and safe! 

As you extend your hands past your knee and down to your shin you should feel a stretch in your hamstring. Keep both legs straight the entire time, core engaged, and your gaze down to your toes to protect your knee and lower lumbar spine. Don’t let your hips dip. They should be even the entire time.

Want an added challenge? Pulse it out with your hands or weights between your knees and shin for an efficient burn.

On and off the machine, Wellhub is there to help you reach your fitness goals. If your company offers Wellhub, sign up today to check out gyms and studios near you. If it's not a part of your employee benefits package yet, refer us to your HR department!


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