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What It’s Like To Take A Wellhub Class For The First Time

Jan 7, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Ever wondered what it’s like to take a Wellhub class? Let one of our insiders fill you in!

Earlier this month, fitness coach and Wellhub ambassador Nadia Cherelle crushed her first workout as a Wellhub user. She visited a Barre3 studio in Washington, D.C. and “loved the class!” Check out what else she had to say about the experience below.


How did you use Wellhub to find a workout class?

I used the Wellhub app by logging in and then hitting the search button to see what classes were offered in my immediate area. I found Barre3 and all the classes at the closest studio were full, so I booked at another location.

Why did you choose Barre3?

I’ve always wanted to try Barre3 and was in the mood for a class that was less weight-intensive. I know barre is more body-weight-focused and has dance-like movements, so I thought it would be a great idea.

What did you do to prepare for your workout?

I checked the Wellhub app to make sure I was confirmed in the class and then I read over the instructions set by the studio in the app. I grabbed a water bottle from my home, put on my favorite leggings and sports bra, and arrived at the studio 15 minutes before class began.

What did you think of the check-in process?

Checking in on the Wellhub app was easy and fast. After checking in, I spoke to the woman at the desk, gave her my name, and told her I was a Wellhub member. She found me in the system and had me complete a quick waiver.

How was your workout?

I loved the class! It was challenging and the coach was very detailed in her movements and instruction. It was just the body-weight burn I needed.

What Wellhub classes are you interested in taking in the future?

I’m looking forward to trying another Barre3 class and also going to a few CrossFit classes. 

What was your favorite thing about using Wellhub for the first time?

My favorite thing was the excitement of seeing all the gyms and classes I had access to in my area and getting to choose a workout based on my current personal training schedule and mood.


Whether it’s your first Wellhub class or your 100th, we love helping you discover new workouts and fitness classes. If you want your company to offer Wellhub, refer us to your HR department today!


Answers have been lightly edited for clarity.



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