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5 Couple And Partner Workouts Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Feb 7, 2020
Last Updated May 17, 2024

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate and get your exercise in than with a fun partner workout?

Having someone by your side during your Wellhub workout can boost your motivation and keep you accountable — and you’ll be there to support them, too! Whether you’ve got big plans for Valentine’s Day or you can’t wait to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your friends, these couples workouts and partner workouts will make any kind of exercise more fun.

Here are five couples workouts to try this Valentine’s Day:

Circuit training

Circuit training involves different exercise stations that allow you to target several muscle groups in a single workout. Sweat440, a HIIT-based circuit training class, is ideal for anyone looking for a good partner workout — you and your exercise buddies get to travel around the gym together crushing different fitness stations. This studio offers classes every 10 minutes, making it impossible for you (and anyone who tends to show up at the last minute) to miss your workout.

Acro yoga

Acro yoga takes a lot of teamwork and collaboration, which makes it a perfect fit for friends and couples. You’ll need a base (the person closest to the ground), a flyer (the person lifted off the ground), and a spotter (the person separate from the base and flyer who makes sure everything goes smoothly). Stay flexible (literally and figuratively) and you’ll be nailing those poses in no time. 


Leveraging the Wellhub network to hit your weight-lifting goals? Make sure you have a good spotter first. They’ll be there to cheer you on and make sure you’re safe, letting you focus all your attention on pushing yourself to the max.

Rock climbing

Another workout where you’ll benefit from having a partner? Rock climbing. Spotting is crucial for bouldering (climbing sans ropes or harnesses) and can come in handy at climbing gyms. A good partner will also know the ins and outs of belaying (controlling your rope to catch you if you fall) if the gym you visit doesn’t have an auto-belay device. It’s safe to say this couples workout brings “trust falls” to a whole new level.


You might not associate dancing with working out because it’s so much fun, but there are several dance classes that will get your heart pumping (Zumba and salsa, just to name a few). Dance is a fantastic couples workout since you’ll learn new moves to show off on your next date night.

The team at Wellhub loves group, couple, and partner workouts. That’s why we offer the option of adding dependents to your account so they can enjoy Wellhub, too. If your company offers Wellhub, sign up for free to discover gyms and studios near you.




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