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Crush Your Fitness Goals With These Beginner Workout Tips

Mar 21, 2023
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Found the motivation to start your fitness journey, but still lost on how to begin?  Some Wellhub users provide tips for those just getting started.

We chatted with Wellhub member Kendall Boutros of In The Midst Fitness and Wellhub ambassadors Fráncia Cooper and Michele Boloña of Fit for Foodies to get some guidance aimed at fitness newcomers.

Check out their beginner workout tips below!


Tip 1: Have a Goal in Mind

Before you head to the gym, take some time to think about your fitness and wellness goals. This will help you choose the right workouts or classes.

“Find a goal that you are looking to achieve, like being able to do a pull-up or a certain number of push-ups, and work towards that,” Boloña said. “It gets you to the gym with a purpose and without feeling lost.”

If a full-service gym is part of your fitness circuit, Boutros also suggests coming in with a plan. Need inspiration? She recommended using fitness sites or Instagram accounts to find workout ideas.

“Having this ready when you walk in will help you feel comfortable and confident as you find the machines and materials you need,” she said.

Tip 2: Lean on Your Community

If you’re having trouble staying consistent with your workouts, turn to your community. One of Cooper’s beginner workout tips is to find a friend with similar fitness goals and keep each other accountable. Or find someone who has a little more experience to help guide and support you.

“Trust me, some days I definitely don’t want to work out,” she said. “But if a friend calls me up and says, ‘Hey, let’s do a workout and then hang after,’ I’m always up for it.”

Tip 3: Make Sure You’re Having Fun!

Finding a workout you enjoy is a necessity if you want to make a habit of going to the gym or taking fitness classes.

“Include things you love to do, not just what you think you should do,” Boutros said. “It’s easier to wake up and leave the house when you are looking forward to that activity.”

There are so many beginner workout tips to follow, and this one is all about making your fitness goals sustainable. With Wellhub, you can try out thousands of gyms and studios to find workouts you want to do again and again.

Tip 4: Choose an Affirmation — and Live By It

Gym-goers of all levels hit a point where they lack motivation to work out, experience self-doubt, or get distracted from their fitness goals. Get back on track by choosing an affirmation or mantra to focus on. Here are some favorites from our ambassadors:

  • “The mantra I live by is, ‘You can pay someone to do almost anything for you, but you cannot pay someone to carry a sickness for you, so always prioritize your well-being, mentally and physically.’” — Cooper
  • “Always do what feels good to you. If you ever feel uncomfortable … don’t do it. Ask someone for help. It’s a lot safer than trying something just for the sake of doing it.” — Boloña
  • “When I exercise my mantra is, ‘Clear mind, strong body.’ If I find myself distracted during a workout, I repeat this so I can focus back on my goals.” — Boutros

Get the Support You Need to Succeed

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