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A Barry’s Instructor Shares Tips For Crushing Your Next Home Workout

May 11, 2020
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

Looking for some inspiration for your next home workout? Look no further than Tommy Stracke, a Chief Curriculum Lead and instructor at Barry’s, which offers HIIT-focused bootcamp workouts in studios around the world.

A Barry's Bootcamp instructor

Barry’s At Home classesare now available through Wellhub’ Live Classes feature, and to get you ready for your next class, Stracke has a few pieces of advice.

Here are his tips for challenging yourself during your next home workout:

I’m not used to doing home workouts. How can I get started?

For anyone new to getting their exercise in at home, Stracke recommends committing to daily activity, making a schedule, and trying a Barry’s At Home Live Class, of course. Booking a Live Class like Barry’s will hold you accountable and motivate you to follow through with that day’s fitness goals. 

“It’s important to surround yourself with individuals who will not only hold you accountable but who will also push you to be your best,” Stracke said.

What are the most effective exercises for a living room workout?

Try to find a home workout that engages you and that you have fun doing. Bodyweight exercises require no equipment, but can still be incredibly effective at getting “the metabolic furnace burning,” Stracke said. Or you can add exercise equipment like weights and resistance bands, accessories that don’t require a ton of space, to change things up.

What if I don’t have any exercise equipment at home?

Many workouts, including many of our Live Classes, require no equipment at all. If you do want to add some equipment though, you can find many makeshift accessories at home. Stracke encouraged having two different sets of “weights,” one that you can hold with two hands like a case of water (somewhere around 15 to 30 pounds) and another set that you can curl or press like bottles of wine or handles of detergent (think 5 to 12 pounds). 

Looking to incorporate more than weights in your next workout? Check out our blog postfor more household items that double as ballet barres, Pilates poles, and more. 

Won’t I get bored with doing home workouts all the time?

No way! There are plenty of ways to add something new to your home workout routine. With Wellhub, you can book a variety of Live Classes from boxing to HIIT to yoga and more. Stracke also recommends challenging yourself with higher resistance, heavier weights, and different instructors. A little motivation goes a long way, too. Stracke’s go-to fitness motto is, “Don’t think, just do.”

“Our minds are constantly running on overdrive,” he said, “and a workout is usually the best way to remove yourself from a stressful situation and to appreciate your body, your life and all of your blessings.”

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