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Sit At A Desk All Day? Add These Moves To Your Stretching Routine

Sep 4, 2020
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

A stretching routine is not only a crucial part of many people’s post-workout recovery, it’s also an important habit to consider adding to your workday.

Whether working from home or in an office, many people spend a lot of time at work sitting at a desk. If you don’t take time to stretch throughout the day, you could be doing damage to your body. 

We chatted with Jeff Brannigan, Program Director at Stretch*d, to learn how to combat these effects. Stretch*d is an assisted stretching studio that offers stretching sessions at their locations in New York City and Rye Brook, New York as well as online. 

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Check out Jeff’s tips for workday stretches below.

What are the benefits of stretching throughout the workday?

According to Jeff, sitting all day can create stress throughout your body, especially your neck, shoulders, chest, back, and hips. Reserving time for some at-work stretches can help keep your body moving, promote circulation, and lengthen tense muscles. Stretching has also been shown to reduce stress, making it a great add-on to your busy workday.

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What should I know about overstretching?

It’s crucial to make sure you don’t overdo it when you stretch, whether it’s after a workout, a work meeting, or anything in between.

“Overstretching can occur if a muscle is pushed too far too quickly,” Jeff said. “This tends to happen when stretches are held in a static position and oftentimes when this is done, people tend to lean into the stretch, with their weight making the stretch even more forceful.”

The Stretch*d Method is designed to avoid overstretching with its active, dynamic stretch approach (as compared to the “static position” Jeff mentioned earlier). During your Stretch*d session, you can expect the targeted muscle to experience “short, controlled, active repetitions” that allows it to be relaxed as it lengthens a little bit at a time.

When done correctly and consistently, stretching is a “fundamental form of corrective exercise,” Jeff said.

“It will help to reduce pain, discomfort, and risk of injury while also improving recovery and performance for those that are active,” he said. “Plus, stretching also helps release endorphins. So it feels great, too!”

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What stretches should I try during my workday?

Stretch*d has examples of effective stretches on their YouTube channel. Try this routine made up of 8 stretches that Jeff put together.

  1. Yes (neck stretch)


  1. Maybe (neck stretch)


  1. Maybe So (neck stretch)


  1. Trap Tapp*r (trapezius stretch)


  1. Chest Open*r (pectoral stretch)


  1. Twist and Dipp*r (quadratus lumborum and lower back stretch)


  1. Gloating Glutes (glute stretch)


  1. Stretch*d Squad (quad stretch)

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