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Let’s Talk About Burnout Syndrome and Symptoms [Infographic]

Oct 13, 2020
Last Updated May 8, 2024

What Is It, Exactly?

Burnout syndrome is that seemingly endless inbox of unread emails. That fifth cup of coffee before noon. Trying to balance your social life, mental health, a healthy lifestyle, your projects —

Slow down. Take a breath.

These are some of the overwhelming scenarios a person might experience when facing burnout. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is a syndrome associated with chronic workplace stress. It can happen when someone reaches their mental, emotional, and physical limits. 

Especially given today’s workplace changes and global uncertainty, burnout syndrome is becoming a prevalent concern for a lot of us. Though it may be surprisingly easy to slip into the negative feelings associated with burnout, there are many ways to reduce stress and bring more balance to your life. 

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Manage Stress. Feel Your Best. Perform at Your Peak.

Overcoming and preventing burnout can feel like a huge feat. But by implementing little practices and slightly shifting your focus inward, positive changes can be felt in no time. 

  1. Prioritize a work-life balance.

Try to take more breaks when you can. Set boundaries with your work and recognize when it’s time to call it a day. Practice self-care outside of work, whether that’s going for a walk, listening to music, meditating, or cooking healthy meals. Self-care looks different for everybody.

Having something relaxing to look forward to can be very motivating and refreshing.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

You make sure that your family eats well and stays active. You care for your pets. You water your plants and make sure they continue to grow. Don’t forget to extend that care to yourself!

Nourish your body with whole foods and plenty of water to feel your best and boost your energy levels. Find an activity you love to stay active. Whether it’s walking, cycling, or yoga, the options are endless. If your company has a corporate wellness group you’ve been thinking about joining, now is a perfect time.

  1. Seek professional help when necessary.

Managing stress outside of work is possible with meditation and therapy. Speaking regularly with a trusted counselor can be the best outlet for anxious thoughts and feelings of burnout. Finding a guided meditation audio that resonates with you can help you reset. Putting aside this time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, can really make a difference. 

If you or someone else you know needs more urgent mental health support, please reach out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness at 1-800-950-NAMI or

Prioritizing a healthy, balanced lifestyle has the power to impact every aspect of your life. Though the effects of burnout might make you feel trapped and overwhelmed, implementing some of these tips into your routine can bring relief. Learn more about burnout symptoms, effects, and more below.

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