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6 Rut-Busting Workouts To Try Today

Feb 8, 2021
Last Updated May 8, 2024

A few of the activities on Wellhub that might pique your interest.

If there’s one thing our bodies crave, it’s variety. More specifically, a variety in our workouts. Sticking to the same trusted and beloved exercises isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but finding new ways to move and new muscles to work can feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air. 

Challenging yourself to try a new sport or activity is exciting, but it can come with its fair share of nerves. So, in an effort to shake some of those off, we want to walk you through a few of the popular fitness activities on our platform that you may not have tried yet. 

Let’s find your new favorite! 

Tie up those laces.

  1. Kickboxing.
Trust us, it’s not just all about fighting. Derived from karate, kickboxing is a combination of swift punches, knee strikes, and kicks. When it’s not a competitive sport, kickboxing classes usually involve punching the air or kicking soft mats with a trainer. 

It’s a full-body, high-intensity workout that brings on a real sweat the more umph you put into it!

Popular gyms: UFC Gym (in-person only)

  1. Barre.
It seems graceful, which it is, but don’t mistake this workout for something easy. Barre is a mix of different elements, including ballet and yoga movements. The majority of barre is made up of isometric exercises, which involve all the goodness of muscle contractions that pack a low-impact punch.

With barre, you really get to tune in to muscles that you might not have known existed. 

Popular gyms: The Barre Code, Exhale

  1. Indoor Cycling.
Love to bike through your neighborhood, but looking for something a little more…indoors? Look no further. Cycling classes bring you that same thrill on a stationary bike.

Cycling instructors push you through a series of intervals (both speed and resistance) to challenge your strength and endurance. These classes tend to be high-intensity, but they’re easy on your joints. Spin-spin, win-win. 

Popular gyms: SoulCycle, Turnstyle Cycle

  1. Tabata.
Similar but not the same as HIIT, this high-intensity activity boosts your endurance with short work AND rest intervals. Since they’re typically shorter workouts, the goal is to push yourself at your maximum capacity the entire time.

Tabata is a great activity for boosting your metabolism, saving time, and keeping muscles in top condition.

Popular gyms: Fhitting Room LIVE (digital live classes), SWEAT FROM HOME (digital live classes)

  1. Zumba.
Like good music and moving to the rhythm? Count yourself in for this one. Zumba is rooted in Latin music and dance moves, but with a sweatier twist. Warm up your body with slower rhythms and turn up the heat with faster ones — it’s all about the musical intervals.

Every class is a chance to tone your muscles, strengthen your heart, and have fun!

  1. CrossFit.
Want consistent intensity but a different range of workouts? CrossFit checks those boxes by combining high-intensity interval training and functional, conditioning movements in timed chunks. The types of exercises can vary from weightlifting, running, pull-ups, rowing, and more… you name it.

And, despite common CrossFit myths you may have heard, anyone, yes anyone, can participate! Each CrossFit gym has its own style and ranges from more beginner to pro. Find your level and challenge yourself.

Get out there and find something to love.

The activities that we’ve listed above only just scratch the surface of what’s available on Wellhub. There are countless new and exciting activities to try, by yourself or with a friend, and hopefully this list gives you a good place to start. No matter which workouts you try, be sure to always stretch and nourish your body before and after every sweat session.

Break out of your shell a little. You never know what you’ll fall in love with until you try. 🥰

For more tips and ideas, check out our partner apps! From workouts to therapy, meditation, and everything in between, a Wellhub membership can help you start small in the biggest of ways. Sign up todayand start flexing your mind, body, and mood.  



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