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Wellbeing: a Key Factor for Small Business Employee Happiness

Nov 29, 2022
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

In a survey of 1,000 U.S. employees, Wellhub found that 80% consider wellbeing equally important to salary–while 24% don’t feel they get enough time off 


NEW YORK – November 29, 2022Wellhub, the world’s largest employee wellbeing platform, is releasing new research on the importance of wellbeing in the small business environment. The study found that employee expectations toward wellbeing have shifted rapidly, creating a new set of challenges for small businesses who want to retain their top talent

Wellhub’ survey of 1,000 U.S. employees was conducted in August 2022. Key findings include: 

  • Four out of five (80%) of small business employees consider wellbeing to be equally important to salary.
  • More than three quarters (77%) of small business employees would consider leavinga company that doesn’t care about wellbeing.
  • 72% of small business employees will only consider companies emphasizing wellbeingwhen looking for their next job.  

The importance of wellbeing at work is a clear priority – but there is some disconnect between this and expectation and reality: 

  • Approximately one in four (24%) of SMB employees don’t feel like they get the time they need to take offfor wellbeing when needed.
  • Approximately one in five (22%) of SMB employees feel their employer doesn’t care about their wellbeing.

“For small businesses, employee retention is critical, especially in this labor market,” said Carolee Gearhart, Chief Revenue Officer, Wellhub. “Most small businesses don’t have big HR budgets or People teams – in fact, many are the owners themselves trying to figure it all out among dozens of other responsibilities. These folks need turnkey resources that drive retention and happiness. We’re working hard to help small businesses around the world prioritize their employees’ wellbeing, enabling them to offer robust benefits packages that their teams love.” 

Wellhub offers cost-effective options for small businesses, with packages available starting at just $11.99 per month. The kickstarter package gives small business employees access to over 2,000 gyms and studios, 24 apps, as well as online classes and resources.

Fundrise, a 350-person fintech company based in Washington D.C, has utilized Wellhub to increase employee engagement and retention year-over-year. 

“As a remote company, the ability to offer comprehensive wellness benefits that are available to all employees regardless of location is critical,” said Amanda Alvarado, Human Resources Manager at Fundrise. “My team loves Wellhub and I know we made the right decision in incorporating it into our benefits when I constantly hear employees tell me how great it is that they’re able to pop into any of their favorite boutique studios or mental health resources wherever they’re located.”



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