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10 Best Resources for HR Leaders and People Champions in 2023

Oct 3, 2023
Last Updated Oct 3, 2023

When you go on vacation, you’re going to want to explore every amazing thing there is to see and do. You might check out travel blogs, local guides, or visitor maps to put together your ideal itinerary.

So why not bring the same energy to your work as an HR leader? The latest tools, trends, and solutions to your biggest challenges usually come from reliable experts and thought leaders. So tap into them. 

From articles and podcasts to websites and online courses, these resources will help you stay caught up on the latest trends and best practices in human resources and people operations.

  1. The HR Bartender

HR Bartender blog by Sharlyn Lauby covers a wide range of HR topics, best practices, insights, and even offers humor. Sharlyn uses her own experience as a human resources professional to offer advice for managing difficult conversations, how to boost morale, and improve leadership skills. Reader questions are a frequent inspiration for the blog’s topics, so you can trust that Sharlyn is covering issues that really matter to HR leaders. According to the HR Bartender herself, the blog was named one of SHRM’s top five blogs for HR professionals.

  1. SHRM Blog

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is at the forefront of HR resources. The SHRM blog covers topics such as employee engagement, leadership development, recruitment, diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI), and more. You’ll find resources and up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of human resources. The blog also offers continuing education, certifications, webcasts, and more.

  1. The Tim Sackett Project

The Tim Sackett Project provides engaging content full of helpful advice and actionable steps. He has decades of experience as an SPHR-certified professional and an HR manager in corporate America, so his blog is packed with real-world insights, evidence-backed anecdotes, and relatable stories for readers. Tim often shares funny tidbits from his own experiences. And he’s not shy to give his unique perspective on the latest trends, events, and even TikToks about employee management and the workplace.

  1. LinkedIn Communities

As the world’s largest professional social media network, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other HR professionals, stay up to date on industry trends, and source potential candidates. LinkedIn also provides resources such as webinars and online courses that can help you grow your competencies in areas like recruitment, retention, employee engagement, and more. Plus, the LinkedIn Learning platform offers professional development courses and certifications for you and your employees to address gaps and upskill in key HR functions like talent management and compensation & benefits.

  1. Fistful of Talent

The Fistful of Talent blog provides witty and insightful advice from a team of talented HR professionals. Whether you're looking for the latest info on changing technologies, recruiting, or talent management, Fistful of Talent has it all. With a variety of contributors, HR managers can learn best practices and unique perspectives from across the industry. The site is also a great resource for knowledge-sharing and insights into how other companies are handling human resources trends and changes.

Looking for a resource to build your leadership skills? Check out our guideto integrating mindfulness at work for your employees!

  1. TalentCulture

TalentCulture delivers HR news from around the industry, covering all the latest trends in talent management. Their website brings together experts and practitioners in HR to provide firsthand thought leadership articles, webinars, and podcasts. Their content will help you navigate common pitfalls and apply best practices for effective organizational staffing and people management.

Plus, their online community helps you stay connected with a large network of HR professionals and peers. You can source ideas for everything from developing staff performance management programs to fostering a meaningful employee experience from over 500,000 community members.

  1. Workology

Workology has similar content to many of the other blogs on this list. But they get bonus points for being easy-to-understand listicles, templates, and how-to guides. They break down everything from foundational info about SHRM to basic employment law details, like the different types of time off.

On top of this, Workology also offers its readers additional features like training courses, practice tests, and practice courses for HR exams. Their programs and research are great sources of inspiration for building modern HR strategy skills.

  1. HR Dive

HR Dive provides insights through long-form articles and columns from experts. Their editorial team covers everything from policy decisions to groundbreaking research to inform your own organizational goals and decision-making in terms of people management. You can either read the latest stories or sort by category on their site to read about the topics that most interest you, like HR tech, compliance, talent, or comp & benefits.

  1. isn’t just a blog — it’s a knowledge center that features webinars, podcasts, articles, e-books, and more. A free membership gives you access to a variety of resources on human resources management, including courses for accreditation prep. They also offer expert advice, best practices for common HR problems, and tips that can help any HR leader become better equipped to handle their role. Whether you’re looking for a refresher on recruitment or an in-depth look at employee engagement, has something for everyone.

  1. HR Podcasts

Two great podcasts to add to your feeds are DriveThruHR and the #WorkTrends podcast.

The DriveThruHR podcast provides a lighthearted and engaging way to stay up to date with HR trends, thanks to the friendly banter and casual conversation between their hosts. The show provides insights into topics like performance management, leadership development, recruitment and talent acquisition, HR tools, and strategic HR.

Led by Meghan M. Biro of TalentCulture, #WorkTrends connects listeners with industry experts, technology vendors, and HR practitioners. You get to hear them tell their stories directly and explain what drives them in their work.

Turn to the Experts to Learn What Benefits You Can Deliver For Employees

There are plenty of ways to stay updated on best practices and trends through HR websites, blogs, webinars, and podcasts. But a lot of this content is dedicated to the human resources management and leadership side, to help you excel. That's great, but you might realize you're in need of some niche expertise when it comes to specific employee benefits and initiatives.

For instance, if you're thinking about switching to flexible scheduling as a benefit to your workforce, you need resources that walk you through the best solutions. Or if you're thinking of adding to your fringe benefits, turn to an expert who can advise you on the best path for you and your employees.

If you need a resource for prioritizing employee wellness, whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, reach out to one of our wellbeing specialists! We're happy to lend our expertise and create a program that supports a holistic health journey for each of your employees.

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