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11 Best HR Podcasts: Accelerate Industry Knowledge and Personal Growth

Aug 17, 2023
Last Updated Sep 1, 2023

One of the best things HR leaders can do to enrich their own experience and knowledge is to learn from other professionals. Being a part of an HR community offers so much support, validation, and expertise that you can benefit from, and you are also staying up to date with the current conversations in your industry. 

Frankly, the role of human resources comes with dozens of facets and responsibilities, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of spare time. Podcasts are an easy and convenient way to get the latest strategies for your peers and discover even better opportunities and resources you can incorporate into your own operations and organization. You’re in good company, too: A Pew Research study found that ​​as of early 2023, 75% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to online audio in the past month and 70% have listened in the past week. 

With that kind of popularity, it’s no wonder that HR podcasts are picking up, too. If you’re new to podcasts, you’re in the right place! 

Eleven Great HR Podcasts

  1. Murder in HR

This podcast is perfect if you want to shake off a long day with a good laugh! In this fictional mystery podcast, Kate Mara from House of Cards stars as Jemma, the new Employee Experience Manager at Peace of Ship, an AI-powered tech startup. When her colleague Larry is electrocuted during the company all-hands meeting, she learns a terrible secret: It was murder, and her new employer is a front for an undercover organization of assassins! Jemma works together with her Chief People Officer, Nicholas (voiced by Stranger Things’ Brett Gelman), to find the killer — before becoming the next victim. With this podcast, Wellhub hopes to bring levity and empathy to those in HR while exploring how to deal with common toxic everyday workplace behaviors.

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  1. Nine to Thrive HR

The Nine to Thrive HR podcast from HCI is great if you want useful, consumable HR content from all kinds of thought leaders, authors, and academics. You’ll get insights gleaned from HR practitioners in Fortune 1000 companies and get all kinds of details about employee development, talent acquisition, DEI strategies, workplace culture, HR technology, general best practices, and so many other relevant HR topics. Ultimately, you’re enjoying a podcast that strives to help HR managers like you thrive in their roles instead of just scraping by. Listening in can help you better understand HR’s role within your organization’s much larger business strategy.

  1. Rebel HR Podcast

Another great podcast option is the Rebel HR Podcast with host Kyle Roed and dozens of other industry experts. You can expect discussions ranging from diversity and inclusion to leadership development. Best of all, the podcast prides itself on being both applicable and actionable, offering practical tips and advice that you can start using within your own organization. The host, Kyle Roed, is the founder of Human Innovation and has served in all kinds of other HR roles. His experience and expertise combined with his guest expert hosts make every episode especially valuable.

  1. All Things Work

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a podcast called All Things Work, hosted by SHRM’s head of content, Tony Lee. Each episode includes conversations with thought leaders and other experts for all things related to work, especially in an HR capacity. Informative and thorough, you can explore all kinds of HR topics, the effects that HR has on the organization, and how the role of HR affects professionals like yourself. There are episodes with general content like managing inflation and compensation in this economy, plus more niche topics like how to use ChatGPT to serve your workforce.

  1. HR Happy Hour

Starting way back in 2009, the HR Happy Hour podcast is a radio show focused on all things HR and HCM in America. Hosts Trish McFarlane (CEO of H3 HR Advisors) and State Boese (Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference), dive into a myriad of topics and challenges that HR faces. With other guest hosts and industry experts, listeners get to dive into these episodes about leadership, employee engagement, technology, and more! As one of the longest-running and top-downloaded podcasts for HR, you’re sure to find some golden nuggets of advice.

  1. HR Break Room

What about keeping up on the latest trends buzzing in the break room? For a down-to-earth discussion about HR, check out the HR Break Room podcast, hosted by Morgan Beard. You’ll enjoy some of the HR buzz about HR technology and thoughtful solutions for current workplace challenges that HR is dealing with. With all kinds of guests and deep discussions, you can really dig into strategies for managing human resources with care and intentionality. Great for HR newbies and veterans, there’s something for everyone with this podcast.

  1. HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

Building an effective human resources strategy isn’t the easiest thing to do—starting from scratch or keeping up to date with the best techniques takes a lot of time and effort. The HR Works podcast is a great resource for building an effective HR strategy and really delves into why it’s so important. Get interesting and helpful insights from other HR experts and engaging conversations that will make you feel seen and informed.

  1. DriveThruHR

Here is a podcast that will give you some key tips and discussions in a quick but impactful 30 minutes. The DriveThruHR podcast goes over technology, recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture, and strategic HR—all of the good stuff. Known for its humor and easy-to-digest content, you’ll get insights from all kinds of HR professionals with hosts and guests alike. From 2010 until now, there is hours and hours of content for you to consume, most of which are a quick listen.

  1. The Talent Angle

From the renowned global research and advisory firm Gartner, you can tune into their Talent Angle podcast to really dive into talent management. With experts that are at the forefront of HR advancements, there is a ton of content to explore from all of the knowledge they share. HR and people development are booming topics that HR managers like yourself will want to keep up with. Gartner is the perfect source for really understanding this kind of data on the future of work. Analysts, HR practitioners, business leaders, and all kinds of guest hosts can teach you everything you need to know about talent management and leadership development in 2023.

 10. WorkLife

The WorkLife podcast is a popular show hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant. Produced by TED, the podcast explores various aspects of work and the workplace, providing insights and research-backed advice to help individuals navigate the challenges and complexities of work life. The podcast features a mix of storytelling, interviews with experts and thought leaders, and practical tips that can be applied to various work-related situations. You’ll get insights about work-life wellness, workplace culture, leadership and management, employee motivation and engagement, and much more. Ultimately, this podcast challenges its listeners to look at work differently so that it is an enjoyable experience, which is what great HR professionals care about.

 11. HR Leaders Podcast

Want to hear from the top Chief People Officers in the world? You can by listening to the HR Leaders Podcast with Chris Rainey. The podcast is dedicated to providing insights, interviews, and discussions on various topics related to human resources, leadership, and organizational success. It largely aims to inspire HR professionals and business leaders to drive positive change within their organizations. You can expect topics like DEI, talent management and recruitment, HR strategy and business alignment, and the future of work—especially in the context of becoming a great leader.

Put the Employees First with Wellhub

Whether you need a dose of encouragement, more ideas on how to be inclusive or promote employee engagement, or need to stay fresh on the latest employee wellness opportunities, these top HR podcasts can be the perfect resource. You don’t need to have all of the answers all of the time, but when you’re surrounded by empathetic voices and killer advice from trusted experts doing exactly what you’re doing, you can gain all kinds of useful insights to apply to your own practices.

A common theme you’ll see in these podcasts is a focus on the employees themselves, including their happiness, engagement, and wellbeing. Workforce wellness programs are an effective way to improve all of these domains, which is why 90% of companies that measure their wellness program’s return see a positive return on investment.

Need to further expand your knowledge of wellbeing programs? Our experts here at Wellhub understand wellness programs in and out and can help you figure out your next steps. Talk to a wellbeing specialist today!

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