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Wellhub Wellness: For A More Mindful Life

Nov 3, 2020
Last Updated May 22, 2024

Balance your mind, body, and mood. 

Our mission at Wellhub is to help you feel good, both inside and out. Taking care of your overall health is so important, which is why we’re making it easier.

With our wellness apps, included at no-cost in all of our user memberships, you will have unlimited access to the best curation of on-demand and live-streamed wellness content, including mental health, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness , financial wellbeing, and more. Our variety of wellness partners are here to support you throughout whatever challenges arise.

Want to learn more? Here are some FAQ and answers to clarify confusion surrounding this offering so that you can easily use these resources.

Is Wellhub Wellness included in my plan?

Yes! At every plan tier, wellness apps are offered. Most categories of apps fall into the more basic plans, but with higher plans you will have access to even more apps.

These wellness partners are available at no extra cost in your Wellhub plan . You will save money by registering for these apps through Wellhub, as many of the apps charge around $ 9.99 / month on their own. With Wellhub, you get it all.


What activities and resources can I access through Wellhub Wellness?

No matter your personal goals, there are a variety of wellness partners available. These apps include:

  • Mental health and motivation (Commune, Mindshine, and more)
  • Nutrition (Nootric, Meal Prep Pro, and more)
  • Pre-natal and post-natal workouts (Sworkit, Yogaia, and more)
  • Meditation and sleep support (Calm, Zen, Wellness Coach, and more)
  • Therapy (iFeel, Healing Clouds)
  • Smoking cessation (MindCotine)
  • Finance (Mobills)
  • Family fitness (BurnAlong, NEOU, and more)
  • Chronic illness and orthopedics (Exi, Radical Home Fitness, and more)
  • Physical activity (Fiit, Fizzup and many more)

Read through our different plan options to find one that includes the support you need. 

How do I get access to these different apps?

After you sign up for a plan and log in to Wellhub, you’ll be able to view the wellness apps that you have access to. Once you find one that piques your interest, you’ll be directed through to the app where you can log in with the same email and password used for Wellhub. 

From there, you can experience what each app has to offer!

Do I need additional insurance for resources like therapy?

No additional insurance is necessary. With our partners, ifeel and Healing Clouds, you can attend 1-on-1 online therapy sessions each month with no additional costs to you.

How can I find a therapist who’s right for me?

Once you’re registered with one of our therapy partners, you’ll get matched with a mental health professional based on your personal goals and needs. Each mental health professional is approved in their country. You can also view their specific accreditations on their profiles to better suit your journey.

After you’re matched with a mental health professional you love, you can begin booking therapy sessions through our partner apps.

Is there a limit of check-ins to wellness apps?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can use our wellness partner apps, nor is anything deducted from your daily gym or studio check-in. Feel free to hit the gym in the morning and use the wellness app for a guided meditation or a recipe later in the day!

The only limits are on our therapy apps where you can access a maximum of 4 sessions each month. 

Can my dependents access wellness apps?

Yes! Family members and dependents with an active Wellhub plan also get access to this solution. 

Find Your Inner Peace

We want to help you grow and succeed in life, no matter what that looks like to you. It’s important to focus on your health whenever possible! Our wellness apps are amazing resources to help get you back on a mindful track! Experience what our holistic wellness partners can do for you. 

From workouts to therapy, meditation, and everything in between, a Wellhub membership gets you moving – mind, body, and mood. Connect us with your HR department if you'd like access to our wellness platform as an employee benefit!


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