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Putting Women’s Health First With NEOU Trainers

May 11, 2021
Last Updated May 20, 2024

Health is a long term journey for every woman. It’s personal to everyone, has its ups and downs, and requires lots of love and care. Wherever you are on your path to wellbeing, it’s important to reflect upon the steps you have taken, and to look forward to what’s ahead. 

May 9th-15th is National Women’s Health Week, seven days that serve as a reminder for women to continue to make their health a priority. Because taking care of yourself should alwayscome first. 

We sat down with NEOU, a partner app that offers live streaming and on-demand wellness content, to hear how their trainers are taking care of their mental and physical health this week and beyond.

Janeil Mason, Creator of Fit and Lit Dance Cardio/HIIT 💃

@janeilmason | @fitandlitnyc

How do you try to live a balanced life?

“Listening to my intuition. Discipline is important, but so is listening to what my body and mind desire. It’s a dance to have discipline but also being open to the spontaneity of how my mind and body may feel in a particular moment and what they may desire. Trusting this instinctive feeling is how I live a balanced life.”

Dani Irwin, Personal Trainer/Strength and Nutrition Coach 🍏


How has your relationship with your health changed during COVID?  

“It has definitely changed for the better. Living in NYC, always running around with early morning/late night clients or classes, it’s easy to let your own health fall to the side.”

“COVID gave everyone a unique opportunity to slow down and start over which I used to my advantage especially with my own health. I followed a nutrition plan for the first time since and even though my workout plan had to change, I learned to not take them for granted anymore. Living through a global pandemic you realize just how important your overall health is and made a promise to myself to always keep my own health a priority.”


Christi Marraccini, Bootcamp/HIT & Strength Trainer 💪


What are your tips for putting your health first?

“1) Do things you enjoy! It’s much easier to do things that you like doing especially when it comes to fitness.

2) Something is better than nothing! Even if you think it won’t do anything just remember, small things lead to big things!”

Christina Schwefel, Teaches Forme Method Barre 🩰


What advice do you have for women struggling to prioritize their health?

“Carving out time for yourself is essential – create opportunities to move your body in a way that resonates with you and that you enjoy. It may not be every single day and that’s ok – but look at your week ahead and plan and prioritize a workout the same way you would a dentist appointment or check up. Protect time for yourself and don’t feel selfish about it.”

J Elissa Marshall, Yoga Instructor 🧘


How do you prioritize your physical and mental health?

“I make meditation part of my daily routine so that I am cultivating the inner space to feel good. It’s important to move your body every day but I always make sure I only practice yoga or workout when I truly want to. Forcing yourself to move your body because you think you “have to” takes all the joy out of it!”


Blake Shutterly, Mobility/Recovery & Strength Teacher 🤸


What does self-care mean to you and how do you practice it?

“Self-care to me is when you start to do things for yourself that are really only for you and no one else. If taking care of myself means I let someone else down in the process, then I let them down. I try to look at my decisions and figure out whether I’m doing it because I really want to or if it’s because of societal norms/pressures. I rest, I run, I rage, I cry, I feel – and I don’t let guilt make me feel bad about it for one moment.”

Take time to take care of you today and every day after. Feeling good starts with Wellhub –find your plan today.



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