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10 Fitness Gifts For The Person Who’s Always At The Gym

Dec 16, 2019
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

‘Tis the season to shop for fitness gifts! Whether the exercise lover in your life is obsessed with boxing, spends hours on the treadmill, or can’t get enough of Pilates, we’ve got some great gift ideas for them. Here are 10 fitness gifts for every kind of workout junkie.

Wireless headphones

Make sure they always have access to their workout playlist with wireless headphones. This trendy, yet thoughtful present guarantees more time moving around and less time detangling or fiddling with cords.


We know socks aren’t the most exciting thing to unwrap, but hear us out. Whether it’s extra-grip socks for Pilates and barre class or socks made just for runners, these seemingly simple presents provide extra comfort, and who doesn’t want a smoother workout?

Foam roller

Every fitness fiend knows the importance of proper rest and recovery, and a foam roller is the perfect reminder to not skimp out on those post-workout stretches. This handy piece of equipment has been proven to give you better flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

Reusable water bottle

Looking for something sustainable to put under the tree? Get eco-friendly with a reusable water bottle. It’ll keep your friend hydrated during their workouts while also looking out for Mother Earth.

Wearable tech

If you’re looking to splurge, there are plenty of wearable tech accessories that will monitor your heart rate, keep track of burned calories and more. Thanks to this fitness gift, your friend will have a central place to keep track of their workout progress.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are a splurge-worthy item for the friend who’s obsessed with indoor cycling. Buy some in their favorite color, so instead of having to borrow from the studio, they’ll have a pair to call their very own.

Gym bag

Spoil your workout buddy by giving them a cute-yet-functional gym bag. Look for bags with extra pockets, water bottle storage, and enough flexibility to be stashed in a gym locker.

Post-workout “survival kit”

If you want to get more creative with your gift-giving, why not put together a post-workout “survival kit?”  Fill a small toiletry bag with everything your fitness-obsessed pal might need after a long, sweaty workout: dry shampoo, face wipes, hair ties, and more. It’s a bit more personal than the other fitness gifts on this list, and it’ll definitely be a life-saver the next time they realize they forgot to pack their deodorant at the gym.

Boxing gloves/hand wraps

If you have a friend who loves logging time on the punching bag, boxing gloves make a great gift. Looking to spend a little less money? Try buying hand wraps. They provide wrist stability and help prevent injuries (and your friend probably doesn’t replace them enough). 

Yoga mat carrier

It’s easy to love yoga, but it’s hard to tote your mat all around the city. Help out your yoga-loving friend with a stylish mat carrier. Throw some cleaning spray in there as a bonus so your yogi pal can keep their mat fresh and themselves healthy.

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