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Why This Flywheel Sports Instructor Can’t Get Enough Of Cycling

Feb 28, 2020
Last Updated May 6, 2024

Flywheelinstructor Marc Daigleloves cycling, whether he’s bringing the energy in the studio or biking all over New York City. There are a few reasons in particular why this workout brings him so much joy. Check out his guest blog post below. 

I remember when I was 10 years old, my mom bought me a GT Fueler bike. My friends and I would all hop on our bikes and start cruising the town. She would be terrified if she knew how far I rode that bike around Missouri. 

Now, years later, I still feel the rush of cycling — both on the streets of New York City and in my Flywheel classes. Here’s why I can’t get enough of it:

It comes with an amazing community

As a Flywheel instructor, I love packing people into the stadium knowing that everyone — from professional athletes to first-timers — is going to get an amazing workout. We have the metrics that they can always come back to, which means everyone is pushing themselves to get a better score and hold themselves accountable while cheering each other on.

That sense of community goes beyond the bikes, too. We started “Fly and Brunch,” where people take my class and then we all head out and get brunch together. Taking my class off-site gave me the opportunity to really get to know them and connect.

It’s an escape for me

Getting on a bike and going somewhere is truly the coolest thing you can do, especially in New York City where there are so many sights to see and spots to go. I love looking up and seeing the Empire State Building or riding through Central Park.

As a kid in Missouri, I rode through the farmlands and hit the Mississippi River, covering miles with no particular plan in mind. No matter where you are, if you ride you will see and experience so much more. 

It motivates me to get up and move

Movement is medicine. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) which is a neuromuscular disease that affects my ability to move. It’s slowly progressive and currently not curable. Indoor and outdoor, the bike provides me with a way to move, be active, and build strength and endurance. Riding in nice weather is exhilarating. That’s all the motivation I need. 

It’s a challenging, but fun workout

Cycling is a high-intensity, low-impact workout. When I’m indoors, I love that you can always add a little more resistance (or Torq if you’re at Flywheel) or push just a little harder. You can never really find that peak. And when I’m outside on my bike, it’s like getting in a workout without actually feeling like I’m exercising.

Cycling has given me freedom. Cycling has given me exploration. Cycling has given me confidence. Cycling has given me fitness. Most importantly, cycling gives me joy!

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