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How to Create a "Welcome to the Team" Message That Impresses Your New Hires

Jun 26, 2023
Last Updated Jun 26, 2023

As an HR professional, one of your many responsibilities is to make new hires feel welcome and supported as they join the team. Crafting a heartfelt "Welcome to the Team" message sets the tone for a positive onboarding experience as they begin their new position.

Everyone knows how crucial first impressions are, and a kind, personalized greeting can go a long way in making new colleagues feel valued and excited about the start of their journey. It’s the first step in delivering a positive onboarding experience that can help increase long-term employee retention.

So, let's dive in and learn how to create a memorable welcome message that fosters a sense of belonging and encourages new employees to thrive within your organization!

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Writing a "Welcome to the Team" Message for New Employees

To create a message that leaves a lasting positive impression, open with enthusiasm and show genuine appreciation for the new hire's decision to join your team. It's important to offer your support and clarify that you are there to help them navigate their new work environment.

Consider providing logistical information such as confirming their start date, outlining expectations such as dress code, and providing a brief agenda for the first few days. This information will help alleviate any potential anxiety the new staff member might have about starting their new job.

While conveying essential information is important, try to keep the message relatively short to avoid information overwhelm. Clearly indicate who they should reach out to if they have any questions or concerns. If possible, connect them with an employee onboarding buddy or introduce them to their direct team members or manager. Having fellow coworkers to chat with can also help them feel less alone and connected to their work quickly.

Finally, it's crucial to encourage engagement and curiosity from the start by inviting them to ask questions and participate in upcoming team activities. When employees aren't afraid to speak up or ask questions, employee engagement and retention increase. 

Designing a Welcome Email for New Employees

When crafting this welcome email for new employees, it's essential to remember that presentation can matter just as much as the words themselves. Your welcome letter’s design can significantly impact the impression it leaves on your new hire and set the tone for their onboarding experience. A thoughtfully designed welcome email will contribute to the new employee feeling valued and excited about joining your team.
Feel free to get creative with your welcome email! Consider the following design tips:

  • Make it vibrant and celebratory to reflect the excitement of welcoming a new team member.
  • Follow your brand guidelines to give them a taste of your company's identity and company culture
  • Link to relevant resources like your employee handbook, company website, or onboarding materials.
  • Incorporate images, videos, and gifs that showcase your team's personality.
  • Be mindful of accessibility — use easy-to-read fonts and colors, and include alt text for images in case the new hire uses a screen reader.
  • Get quirky with it, introduce a team mascot, or share a light-hearted inside joke.

To make it more personal, reference something discussed in previous conversations or during the new hire's interview. By creating a visually appealing and personalized welcome email, you'll help your new employee feel truly welcomed and eager to dive into their new role within your organization.

"Welcome to the Team" Message Examples

Depending on your company and personal voice, you can compose thoughtful welcome messages in many ways. The following examples showcase a variety of styles, tones, and content, all while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor. Remember, the key is to adapt these examples to reflect your company culture and the unique personality of your new hire.

  1. “Welcome aboard, [New Hire's Name]! We're thrilled to have you join our team as a [Job Title]. Your skillset and experience will be a valuable asset to our company. Here are a few important reminders and points for you to know before your first day… Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or need assistance. Looking forward to working together and reaching new heights!”
  2. “Hi [New Hire's Name], we're so excited to welcome you to the [Company Name] family! As you start your journey as our new [Job Title], we want you to know that we're here to support you every step of the way. Before day one begins, here's some check-in information that'll help get you set up...Can't wait to see the amazing things you'll accomplish with us!”
  3. "Greetings, [Employee Name]! The entire [Department Name] team is delighted to have you on board as our newest [Job Title]. We're confident that your expertise and enthusiasm will significantly impact our projects. I've CC'ed your onboarding buddy here! She will show you the ropes during your first few weeks with us. Don't hesitate to ask questions or seek advice – we're all in this together!"
  4. "Hey [New Hire's Name], we're stoked to have you as part of our team! We've heard great things about you and can't wait to see you shine as our new [Job Title]. I can't wait to introduce you to your entire team. If you're interested, there will be a team happy hour at a bowling alley tonight, so feel free to join us to get to know some of your teammates. Remember, we're here to help you succeed, so feel free to reach out anytime. Let's make some awesome memories together at [Company Name]!"
  5. "Dear [Employee Name], a warm welcome to the [Company Name] family! As you embark on your new role as a [Job Title], know we're all rooting for your success. We believe in open communication and collaboration, so don't hesitate to share your ideas and ask questions. Together, we'll achieve great things!"
  6. “Congrats and happy first day, [New Hire's Name]! We're absolutely delighted to welcome you to our dynamic team. Your unique perspective and impressive background make you a great addition to [Company Name], and we couldn't be more excited to have you on board. As you start this new chapter in your career, we want to extend our best wishes for success and happiness in your new role. We're confident that together, we'll achieve remarkable things. Once again, welcome to the team!”

Feel free to mix and match elements from these examples or add your personal touch. The goal is to create a "Welcome to the Team" message that resonates with your new member and sets the stage for a positive onboarding process. And, if you want to save time in the future, consider saving your messages as templates you can use for future emails.

Building a Winning Welcome Package

As you craft the perfect "Welcome to the Team" message for your new hires, consider taking it a step further by building a winning welcome package to accompany your thoughtful words.

You can include a gift card for wellness-related treats, such as a massage, yoga class, or healthy meal delivery service, to introduce them to your company's wellness program. Combining a heartfelt welcome letter with a carefully curated welcome package can create a memorable onboarding experience. This also sends the message that your organization cares about them as people, not just workers, and prioritizes employee wellbeing.

If you need help sprucing up your wellness program to make employees old and new feel cared for, contact a Wellhub wellbeing specialist today!




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