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15 New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas [Remote & In-Person]

Oct 3, 2023
Last Updated Feb 14, 2024

Forget the generic welcome spiel — modern careers are all about making a statement. What better way to do that than with a thoughtful welcome gift that sets the tone for a memorable experience?

 New employee welcome gifts are a way you can express appreciation and excitement for recent hires. They show that you care about their experience and want to make them feel supported. Plus, they can help you start the relationship between the company and your employees on a positive note, fostering better employee retention.

It’s a good idea to have standard, affordable gifts on hand that you send to all new hires, many of which can be affordable. Consider choosing gifts that will help a new employee feel comfortable and welcome in their new position, like materials that will make their job more enjoyable or company swag to get them excited about your brand. 

Discover the benefits of offering welcome gifts, as well as a few ideas to get you started!

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Why Employee Wellness Gifts Are Important

During onboarding, wellness gifts are more than just thoughtful gestures — they're a reflection of your organization’s commitment to its employees' overall wellbeing. These gifts are a great way to underscore the importance your organization places on health and wellness.

Employee wellness gifts, such as fitness trackers or subscriptions to wellness apps, send a clear message that the company values its employees' physical and mental health. This is crucial in today's fast-paced work environment, where stress and burnout are common. By prioritizing wellness in the workplace, companies can foster a culture of care and support, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

Furthermore, these wellness-oriented gifts can help integrate new employees into the company's culture, especially one that promotes a healthy work-life balance. They encourage employees to engage in physical activity and practice mindfulness for a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Gift Ideas for a New Hire Welcome Package

  1. Welcome Notes From the Whole Team

A personalized welcome message from a new employee’s boss or manager lets them know everyone is excited for them to be part of the team and adds a personal touch to any onboarding kit. To make it extra special, you could have your new hire’s team write welcome messages on Post-it notes and stick them on your new hire’s desk. If you are onboarding a new remote employee, a simple welcome message via your company’s internal messaging system or via email can go a long way.

This is a great opportunity to share words of wisdom advice or introduce yourself as someone they can come to for questions. If you aren’t sure what to say, consider looking at example welcome messages and emails for new employees.

Cost: $0-$10

  1. Company Swag

You can customize just about any product with your company logo. Company swag like tumblers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, tote bags, or water bottles are popular for new hires because most people will use these items daily. You can also consider more unique branded gifts like a charging station, bluetooth speaker, or essential oil diffuser.

There are several online vendors who specialize in creating corporate swag. Poll your current employees to see what items they find useful to get ideas about what to give your new hires.

Cost: $20-$100+

  1. Office Supplies

It may sound basic, but office supplies make new hires feel at home in their new workspace, especially if they work in the office! Make sure your new hire’s desk is filled with all the essentials like pens, pencils, Post-it notes, folders, and cleaning wipes. A notebook is also a great welcome gift for new employees to document their first few days of onboarding and to write down any questions they have. 

You can even go a step further and personalize the supplies. A desk name tag or pen engraved with their name is a thoughtful touch that helps new employees feel a sense of belonging. You can personalize office supplies at local office supply stores or online through retailers like EtsyZazzle and Amazon.

Cost: $25-$50+

  1. Gear to Help Them Work Comfortably

If new hires are starting in the office, consider gifting them gear that will help them be comfortable and productive, like noise-canceling headphones. If your employee works remotely, you could offer them ergonomic office supplies like a sit/stand desk or laptop stand.

The key is to avoid masking essential work equipment as a new-hire gift and to give a gift that helps display the values important to your company culture. For example, if a hire requires a company computer, that's not a gift. The goal is to stick with things that will make them feel appreciated.

Cost: Varies

  1. Fitness Tracker

Exercise can make people feel less stressedimproves mood, and boosts focus. Who wouldn’t want to experience all of that in their personal and professional lives? This makes a fitness tracker a great gift to encourage new hires to stay active and healthy — it also shows you care about their overall wellbeing.

Fitness trackers are also a great way to help new employees get involved in the company culture. Consider kicking off a larger employee fitness challenge to help new hires build relationships with the team.

Cost: Varies

  1. Subscriptions to Wellness Apps

It can be challenging for employees to prioritize their wellness among other obligations. Your team can make it easier for them to stay healthy by offering subscriptions to apps as part of your employee wellness program. Fitness apps like Strava, Peloton, or Nike Training Club can help them exercise on the go. Meditation apps like Headspace or Calm can help them stay grounded and stress-free.

A service like Wellhub can give your employees access to their favorite wellness apps as well as in-person gyms and studios. This makes it easy for employees to get the kind of wellness experience they enjoy most.

Cost: Varies

  1. Books Related to Their Interests or Career Field

Consider sending new team members books that will help them expand  their skills and knowledge, whether that's a personal interest or related to a topic that aligns with company values.

For example, if you know an employee is interested in hand-drawn lettering, perhaps you get them a how-to book on lettering techniques. If they're stepping into a management role for the first time, you can gift them a book on leadership. And if they're new to working remotely, you can send them a book that unpacks essential skills for working from home.

A few examples of popular books for new employees include the following:

  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 from Gallup and Tom Rath helps employees discover their strengths and how to use them in the workplace.
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear is a worldwide bestseller that helps increase productivity by helping readers create good habits and break bad ones.
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek is a great book for managers to learn important leadership and communication skills.

Cost: $10-$40+

  1. Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and drinks are a great way to delight new hires and keep them fueled as they navigate their new environment. This is especially true when you choose snacks that promote a healthy workplace! A few ideas include:

  • Locally made snacks
  • Organic fruit
  • Sparkling water
  • Coffee or tea
  • Gift Cards to specialty grocery stores

It's worth asking if they have any food allergies or restrictions, so you can ensure new hires enjoy whatever you send them.

Cost: $10-$20

  1. Flowers or Desk Plants

According to decades of research, nature helps increase positive emotions — even if it is just houseplants. So a simple gesture of flowers or a potted plant can brighten a new hire's workspace and give them a jumpstart on wellness as the newest member of your organization.

Cost: $10-$20

  1. Gift Cards

Whether an employee is new to the city or needs to get acquainted with the block your office is on, a gift card to a local café or restaurant can help them find their new lunch spot. You can even include remote employees by hosting virtual team lunches. This could be a great way to build connections with their new team, even if they are not in the office.

If you're not sure where to send them, talk to existing employees to find out if there's a local favorite.

Cost: $10+

  1. Local Gifts

If a new hire just moved to the city, getting them tickets to cultural events is another great way to introduce them to the local scene. A concert, play, or museum trip can be a fun bonding activity for new coworkers. If your new team members are sports fans, you could gift tickets to a local game. Check out your local visitor center for ideas and discounts.

Cost: Varies

Remote Employee Welcome Kits

As remote work becomes more prevalent, crafting a welcome kit tailored for home-based employees is not just thoughtful, it's essential. These kits should focus on enhancing the home office experience to make it both comfortable and efficient. Here are some ideas to consider for your remote employee welcome kits:

  1. Ergonomic Office Equipment

  • Adjustable Stand-Up Desk: A compact and adjustable stand-up desk can be a game-changer for remote employees. It offers them the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing, thereby promoting better posture and comfort.
  • Desk Treadmill: For those who like to stay active, a desk treadmill can be an innovative addition. It allows employees to walk while working, boosting their health and energy levels.
  • Ergonomic Chair Cushion: A high-quality ergonomic cushion can transform any chair into a comfortable workstation, reducing the risk of back pain and fatigue.

  1. Tech Enhancements

  • High-Quality Headphones: Noise-canceling headphones can help remote employees focus by blocking out household noises. This can also help make virtual meetings more productive.
  • Webcam Light Ring: A light ring for webcams ensures they look their best during video calls, projecting a professional image.

  1. Personalized Home Office Decor

  • Customized Desk Organizers: Personalized desk organizers can add a touch of personality to their workspace while keeping it tidy.
  • Branded Coffee Mug or Water Bottle: A high-quality mug or water bottle with the company logo not only serves a practical purpose but also helps the new employee feel part of the team.

  1. Wellness and Relaxation

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser: To create a calming workspace, an aromatherapy diffuser with a selection of essential oils can be a thoughtful addition.
  • Weighted Blanket: Comfort is one of the major WFH perks, and weighted blankets specifically help reduce anxiety.

When selecting items for your remote employee welcome kits, consider the practicality and usability of each item. The goal is to make your remote employees feel valued and supported, providing them with tools that aid in their professional lives and contribute to a positive and healthy work environment at home. Remember, the best welcome gifts are those that show you understand and care about their unique working situation.

Incorporate Welcome Gifts Into an Engaging Employee Onboarding Experience

Whether it's a fun gadget, an essential office supply, or a small token of appreciation, employee welcome gifts are a great way to show new hires that you value them. In this way, employee wellness gifts are not just items. They're a tangible representation of the company's investment in its most valuable asset – its people.

To further demonstrate a wellness-oriented workplace, the implementation of a wellness program is the perfect way to ensure your employees are supported as members of your organization. This investment in employees always has positive gains. Ninety percentof companies that measure their wellness program’s return see a positive ROI.

To learn more about how to incorporate a wellbeing welcome gift for new hires, talk to a Wellhub wellbeing specialist today!

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