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How to Build a Great Careers Page (With Examples to Follow)

Apr 23, 2024
Last Updated Apr 23, 2024

There are many ways to advertise your company's open positions. Job boards, social media, and email immediately come to mind. 

But did you know that one of the most beneficial tools is your company's career page? Company career sites rank as a leading channel for job seekers on the hunt for their next role, according to Randstad's 2023 Employer Brand Research study.

Unlike public job boards, organizations have complete control of the contents of their career page. Rather than simply displaying a list of open roles and descriptions, you can customize a career page to exhibit all the positive aspects of working for your company. Company values, benefits, and testimonials are all valuable elements of an effective career page. 

To amplify your recruiting efforts and attract top-tier candidates, use these tips and examples to build a powerful career page. 


Key Elements of High-Ranking Career Pages

Most candidates are going to find your careers through Google, either by looking for your company directly or finding it when they search for a role title you have posted on your career hub. In order to show up high in Google – making it more likely candidates click on your website — you need high-quality content on the page. 

Here are some of the things you can include to help job seekers find your page when cruising the internet. 

Compelling Company Culture

Open roles attract new hires, but a positive workplace environment retains them. Identify what sets your company's culture apart from other organizations and what your current employees like about working there. Do you have a history of promoting employees from within? Do you reward and recognize the efforts of your hardest-working team members? Do you involve employees in major workplace decisions?

Highlighting the best elements of your company's culture tells applicants what it's like to work for you and what they can expect at the workplace. Potential applicants use company websites — including career pages — to research an organization before applying, according to a 2023 study by Randstad. Showcasing what makes your company shine may help you attract highly qualified applicants excited about working for you.

Clear Job Openings

Making it easy for candidates to find your open roles makes it easier for them to apply. Consider categorizing them by department so applicants can easily distinguish the ones they're eligible for based on skills and experience. If your organization has multiple locations or is multinational, include filters and search options that are simple to navigate. 

Ideally, each open role will link directly to the job description and application instructions. Candidates can review the details and decide whether to apply.

Detailed Employee Benefits

While salary or wages are essential to any compensation plan, employee benefits are also big draws for the best candidates. Outline your organization's employee benefits, including healthcare, retirement, leave, and work-life wellness. Some examples of employee benefits include health and dental insurance, vision care, retirement plans, vacation and sick leave, flexible hours, and educational assistance. Including them on your careers page and within the job description of your open roles will help entice applicants. This is particularly true of wellbeing benefits: 87% of workers say they would consider leaving a company that does not focus on employee wellbeing.

Engaging Visuals

A picture really especially in today’s image-intensive communication. From emojis to TikToks, people love visuals. Consider including a few compelling images of the workplace, company products, or your team members. Your pictures can showcase appealing aspects of your office. For instance, a lunchroom stocked with snacks and drinks for employees to use at their leisure is an excellent gesture. Snap a photo and include it on your careers page. 

You might also include video testimonials from your team about their job experience. Video testimonials give your careers page more credibility and motivate candidates on the fence about applying to your organization.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Job candidates don't always use a laptop or PC to search for a job. Some may rely on their smartphone or tablet instead. Before finalizing your careers page, confirm it's easily viewable on PCs and mobile devices. Ask your IT team or webmaster for help if you encounter any mobile viewing issues.

Great Career Page Examples

Need some inspiration for your career page? Take a look at these stellar careers pages.

  1. Gympass

The Gympass Careers site includes all the elements of a great career page: a clearly defined company culture, a list of employee benefits, great visuals, and filterable job openings. It highlights its recognition for its culture and work-life wellness, the company's flexible workplace offerings, and its belief in diversity, equity, and belonging practices. 


  1. Spotify

Spotify's career page uses stunning visuals and graphics to capture the eye. The page is divided into three sections: "Who we are," which describes the company's mission and values, "Where we belong," which states its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and "How we act," which highlights the company's impact on society. 

Candidates interested in working for Spotify can sort open roles by categories and location, which makes it user friendly. The page also includes information about the company's hiring process.


  1. Airbnb

Airbnb's career page showcases the company's top benefits, including a flexible work environment, diverse hiring practices, and a globally creative community. It provides search options to find open roles by department and location. Candidates can also review recent company news, which Airbnb shares at the bottom of the page. Airbnb's career page is easily scannable and uses engaging visuals to capture readers' attention.


How to Build a Careers Page

Are you ready to take these tips and inspiration and build your company careers page? These steps will help make your page shine!

  1. Outline Your Page

The first step to a great careers page is defining what it will include. Consider noting down each content category and its general messaging. For instance, if you plan on highlighting your organization's mission or culture, you can identify a few subtopics to include under each heading. 

When outlining the page, you can indicate the layout you want it to follow. For example, start with an introductory paragraph about the company's purpose. Follow with employee benefits, open roles, and employee testimonials or organizational awards.

  1. Finesse Your Messaging

Whenever a potential job applicant visits your career page, you want them to feel like your company has what they want. Find ways to articulate your brand's offerings using authentic, empathetic, and welcoming language. Explain what the company wants to achieve and how employees contribute to the effort. 

Identify your company's standout benefits and use the careers page to highlight them. For example, if you're committed to flexible working hours, make that a focal point on the page so visitors immediately see it. 

  1. Make Navigation Easy

Medium and large-sized organizations can have hundreds or thousands of open roles. If that's the case for your workplace, make the search process easy by including lots of filters. Some filters that can help include departments, job levels, and location.

  1. Simplify the Application Process

When applicants decide to apply for a job, they don't want to spend hours filling out their applications. In fact, 92% of candidates will fail to finish the application process if there are too many steps. 

You can make it as easy as possible by including explicit instructions in a brief application portal. Ask them to upload their resume and provide basic contact information rather than filling in box after box of employment history. The less work involved in the application process, the more likely people are to apply.

Highlight Employee Wellbeing On Your Careers Page

Think of your organization's careers page as a window into company culture. Aspiring candidates won't know what to expect from your workplace unless you show them, but this is a golden opportunity to explain what matters most to your business. You can tell them what you have to offer when they join — whether that's excellent benefits, a motivated team, or an emphasis on work-life balance.

Providing employee wellbeing programs is a great way to show how much your business cares for its staff, and it can go a long way to attracting top-tier talent to your organization. 

Wellhub offers a full-service, comprehensive wellbeing platform designed to support wellness initiatives. To learn more, speak with a Wellbeing Specialist today! 

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