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The Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2024

Nov 14, 2023
Last Updated Jun 10, 2024

Continuous learning is a habit of successful people. That’s why so many HR leaders are looking for ways to help their employees grow and learn. But while helping your team learn, don’t forget about yourself! 

HR is a complex industry with changes happening often, so it’s important to stay on top of all the changes and developments. 

That’s why HR conferences can be so valuable. They provide the opportunity to gather with experts in the field where you can gain more knowledge, learn new HR strategies, gain new insights into best practices, and network with other professionals. Let’s get started!


Before you Go: Tips for a Successful HR Conference

Before you jump right into your first HR conference, these prep activities can help you make the most of the experience.

Do Your Research

Before you step foot in the conference room (or log into the Zoom sessions), do some research to determine what you want to learn about and who you want to hear from. Who are the keynote speakers? Are any industry experts you’ve heard about going to be there? What are the qualifications of the people in this session that sounds interesting? Take a little time to do your research to know who’s coming, who’s speaking, and what you want to learn about. 

Map Out Your Conference Experience

Conferences typically include several sessions during an hour to give everyone options. That also means you need to map out where you want to be at certain times to make sure you’re attending your highest priority sessions. A map can also help you know where to go during the short (and potentially crowded) breaks between sessions. No need to spend your 10 minutes debating where to go when you’ve already figured out what session will help you most. 

Bring a Conference Buddy (or make one there!)

You’re probably not alone in your HR department. You have someone to sit with or talk to during breaks and meals. 

Don’t have someone to come with you? No worries! HR conferences will be full of people who have similar interests as you, and you can make a friend when you get there. Plus then you’ll be able to meet up at future conferences and make it a tradition! 

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Networking is vital to move up in your career. And it’s one of the advantages of attending an HR conference. So don’t forget to spend some time and energy networking at the conference. That might mean talking to people before and after sessions, or it might mean going to any potential social events at the conference.

HR Conference Calendar 

Ready to attend an HR conference? We’ve compiled a list of the best HR conferences to attend in 2024. For your calendar’s convenience, they are organized by month.


Talent Acquisition Week

  • Date: January 29–February 1, 2024 
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: San Diego, California.
  • Cost: Early-bird tickets are $1,495 and at-the-door tickets are $1,795. 
  • Event Description: This conference is focused on helping talent acquisition professionals learn more about sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding. Speakers and presenters are industry professionals.  
  • Host: San Diego Mission Bay Resort.
  • Who Should Attend: If you’re a talent acquisition or hiring professional, this conference is for you. 
  • What’s Covered: Recruitment best practices. 

For more conference details and registration, go here


World HRD Congress

  • Date: February 15–17, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Mumbai, India. 
  • Cost: Send an email to for more details. 
  • Event Description: This is a conference that draws HR professionals from all over the world—over 1,870 people attended from 133 countries last year. 
  • Host: Taj Lands End. 
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in learning about HR, networking with other professionals, or anyone in international HR. If you’re an international HR professional, it could be particularly useful to learn more about HR in other countries and network with people around the world. 
  • What’s Covered: Anything could be covered, but the conference is currently looking for speakers interested in discussing HR Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, or female leaders in HR. 

For more conference details and registration, go here

HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Virtual

  • Date: February 27–29, 2024
  • Format: Virtual. 
  • Cost: This one’s free for qualified HR professionals
  • Event Description: This online conference is all about innovative technology solutions for HR professionals. Efficient HR departments use tech wisely, so this conference will help you learn new tech that might help your team. 
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in improving their HR department or who uses tech as a part of their role (which includes nearly everyone). 
  • What’s Covered: Anything could be covered about technology in HR, but the focus will be on new tools, new technology strategies, and new processes. 

For more conference details and registration, go here


Wellbeing at Work Summit

  • Date: March 12–14, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: New York and Silicon Valley. 
  • Cost: Tickets are $399 for one day. 
  • Event Description: Each day of the conference is totally different! The first day is in New York and features roundtable discussions and global keynote speakers. The second day is hosted by an AI platform. The third day is in Silicon Valley, featuring speakers and roundtable discussions. 
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in improving wellbeing at their company should be interested in this conference—which means pretty much anyone in HR! 
  • What’s Covered: Benefits and wellbeing support. 

For more conference details and registration, go here

LEAP (Labor & Employment Law)

  • Date: March 20–22, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada. 
  • Cost: Tickets are $1,495 for conference attendance only. To attend the LEAP kickoff, tickets are $1,995.  
  • Event Description: This event focuses on labor and employment laws that affect HR. Employment lawyers will lead many sessions. There will also be breakout sessions and workshops for more hands-on practice with compliance. 
  • Host: Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. 
  • Who Should Attend: If your work involves labor and employment law, this one is for you. It’s powerful to have the opportunity to learn more about the legal aspects of HR to ensure your company’s compliance.  
  • What’s Covered: This conference focuses specifically on labor and employment laws. It also involves strategizing and planning for the upcoming year. 

For more conference details and registration, go here


HR Retail

  • Date: April 2–4, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Los Angeles, California.  
  • Cost: This event costs $1,799 for Retailers & Brands, $2,999 for all others.   
  • Event Description: HR Retail brings together retail and e-commerce HR professionals to push forward workforce efforts that keep up with the rapid transformations in the retail industry. 
  • Host: JW Marriott LA
  • Who Should Attend: This conference is specifically for HR professionals that work for retail or e-commerce companies.  
  • What’s Covered: This conference focuses on empowering HR professionals who work at retail companies to keep up with the changes happening through impactful sessions. 

For more conference details and registration, go here.

WorkHuman Live 2024

  • Date: April 15–18, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Austin, Texas. 
  • Cost: Early-bird tickets are currently $995. Rates will likely increase in fall 2023.   
  • Event Description: This conference will feature speakers, breakout sessions, and workshops all focused on making work more human. 
  • Who Should Attend: This conference is for HR professionals interested in making work more human and those looking to support their teams better. They’re planning for the biggest conference yet, so it’ll also be a great networking opportunity. 
  • What’s Covered: This conference focuses on learning, networking, and enjoying the city in an effort to help HR professionals be more prepared to tackle the top issues at work. 

For more conference details and registration, go here.

Human Resource Executive®

  • Date: April 24–26, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada.  
  • Cost: Prices haven’t been released yet. Follow along on the website for updates.    
  • Event Description: The website describes this event as a way to “future-ready your workforce and realize innovative and transformative ways to positively influence your people.”  
  • Host: The Bellagio
  • Who Should Attend: This conference is designed for HR executives and leaders. 
  • What’s Covered: This conference focuses on planning for the future of HR as a leader in the department.  

For more conference details and registration, go here.



  • Date: May 19–22, 2024
  • Format: In-person and virtual. 
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  • Cost: ATD members early-bird pay $1,595 while non-member early-bird tickets are $1,995. Rates increase as the date of the event approaches.  
  • Event Description: This conference is all about helping HR professionals develop in their own careers. You spend your days helping everyone develop, so this conference is your chance to do that for you.  
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in developing their career should mark this conference down on their calendar. Plus they always get stellar keynote speakers that you can really learn from! 
  • What’s Covered: They’ll hit on all things HR, but it’s mostly focused on networking and growing. 

For more conference details and registration, go here.

Elevating the Employee Experience

  • Date: May 1 - 3, 2024
  • Format: Virtual and In-Person
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Cost: Virtual: $495, In-Person: $1,795
  • Event Description: This single-day event will focus on how to improve employee satisfaction and retention through wellbeing. Wellness, training, DEIB, learning, and talent acquisition dynamics will be discussed
  • Host: Human Capital Institute.
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to supercharge their employee experience by improving workforce wellness. 
  • What’s Covered: Best practices for wellbeing programs, navigating remote and distributed workforces, creating a safe work environment, and resiliency skills.

For more conference details and registration, go here


HR Vision

  • Date: June 5–6, 2024
  • Format: In-person. 
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
  • Cost: Full delegate package is €2,499 or $​​2,743.85 in USD.  
  • Event Description: This event is “focused on empowering you with fresh HR insights and leadership motivation to change your talent management for the better.”
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in the highest level of best practices in HR would be interested in this one. 
  • What’s Covered: This conference will cover anything HR with a focus on helping HR professionals grow in collaboration, creativity, HR analytics and problem-solving, while leveraging the possibilities that HR Tech.  

For more conference details and registration, go here.

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2024

  • Date: June 23–26, 2024
  • Format: In-person or virtual. 
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois. 
  • Cost: For SHRM members, early rates are $1,795 for in-person and $1,095 for virtual. On-site member prices are $2,395 for in-person and $1,395 for virtual. ​​For non-members, early prices are $2,195 for in-person and $1,495 for virtual. On-site it costs $2,795 for in-person and $1,795 for virtual.  
  • Event Description: This is the world’s largest HR conference packed full of industry experts. 
  • Host: McCormick Place. 
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in learning more about HR, participating in workshops, and networking can benefit from this one. 
  • What’s Covered: This conference will cover topics like mental health, AI in the workplace, DE&I as well as a variety of other HR related topics. 

For more conference details and registration, go here


HCI International 2024

  • Date: June 29–July 4, 2024
  • Format: In-person or virtual. 
  • Location: Washington DC, USA. 
  • Cost: Tickets are typically about $995.  
  • Event Description: This event is an international conference that draws people from all over the globe.  
  • Host: Washington Hilton Hotel. 
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in learning more about HR, participating in workshops, and networking can benefit from this one. 
  • What’s Covered: The theme is Human-Computer interaction, so it’ll be a tech-centered conference.  

For more conference details and registration, go here.


Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

  • Date: September 17 - 18, 2024
  • Format: In-person 
  • Location: London, U.K.
  • Cost: Ticket prices have not been announced.
  • Event Description: The conference is a gathering of HR professionals ready to learn more about HR best practices to prepare for shifts in the industry. 
  • Who Should Attend: This conference is great for anyone in global HR or anyone looking to network on a global scale. It’s also great for CHROs because there will be special sessions for them.    
  • What’s Covered: The focus will be CHROs, recruiting, DE&I, technology, analytics, talent management, and more.  

For more conference details and registration, go here


Maryland SHRM Annual State Conference

  • Date: October 6, 2024
  • Format: In-person
  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Cost: Early bird rates are currently $625
  • Event Description: This event is described as a chance to participate in “dynamic speakers, relevant breakout sessions, fantastic sponsors with innovative resources, & professional networking with hundreds of HR's top Professionals!”   
  • Host: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa And Marina.
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone who’s interested in growing their skills or networking would find value. It’s also particularly helpful for professionals looking to prepare for the future of HR.  
  • What’s Covered: This year’s theme has not yet been announced. The 2023 theme was “Rising Tides of HR,” with a focus on planning for future developments in HR. 

For more conference details and registration, go here


  • Date: October 16 - 17, 2024
  • Format: In-person and virtual
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Cost: Attendee experience is €1,995 EUR + VAT. Digital passes are €199.  
  • Event Description: The conference calls itself the “​​Home of HR and the Heart of the global HR community.” It’s a gathering of global HR professionals to discuss new ways of working and the industry standard. 
  • Host: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.
  • Who Should Attend: This conference is great for anyone in global HR or anyone looking to network on a global scale.   
  • What’s Covered: The focus will be HR, recruitment, tech & learning expertise. Some HR representatives from Fortune 500 companies will be speakers.  

For more conference details and registration, go here

Supporting Your Team with Wellness Programs

Hopefully one of these conferences catches your eye! Attending conferences like these can help you stay on top of your game, benefit your HR due diligence checklist, and help your business measure up. Improving your own HR skills is one way you’re supporting your team and the employees at your organization. Whether you attend the Wellbeing at Work conference or not, everyone can benefit from expanding wellness.

And it’s not the only way. Wellness programs are a powerful way to really support your employees’ wellbeing. More than 15,000 companies already trust Wellhub with their workforce wellness. 

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