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Team Building Family Feud Questions For Work

Sep 28, 2023
Last Updated Jun 14, 2024

Family Feud turns answering simple questions into an exciting affair of speed and wits.

It brings teams together and fosters a supportive and collaborative workplace environment. But, just like with any good game, your team needs to lean into their skills and trust to gain points and win the ultimate prize — team pride! 

Let's dive into how the game "Family Feud" can be great for team building and explore some fun questions to use if you want to run this activity with your team.

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What is Family Feud?

“Family Feud” is a game based on a popular reality TV show. Two teams compete against each other to gain the most points by answering questions based on survey results. To generate answers for the show, 100 people are asked the same question, like ‘What is your favorite dog?” If 25 people sampled for this question said “golden retriever,”a player that answers “golden retriever” would gain 25 points for their team. 

If you’re playing this at work, each team could represent a different department or division to help foster some healthy competition. It can be an entertaining way to get your team working together. 

Why are Family Feud Games Great for Team Spirit?

Team-building games are more than fun. Activities that encourage communication and teamwork can help increase productivity and boost profits — highly engaged teams are up to 21% more profitable, according to Gallup.

Family Feud is a great team-building activity because it encourages critical thinking, creativity, and trust in one another. Since it requires teamwork towards a common goal, it gives co-workers the chance to support one another. 

How to Prepare Family Feud in the Workplace

This game is easy to facilitate and works for in-person and remote teams. You can use this classic game show format as an effective tool to build camaraderie before meetings or for special quarterly activities. 

Before you get started, make sure to:

  1. Select categories you want to use (pop culture, current trends, office jargon, etc.).
  2. Create questions and answers based on survey results from the team.
  3. Divide the team into two groups and assign each a buzzer.
  4. Choose a host who can read out questions, keep track of score, and time how long teams have to answer questions.
  5. Make sure to have a fun and rewarding prize for the winning team.

For in-person teams, you can have teams gathered on separate sides of the room and invite those answering questions to come to the center of the room, just like in the show. Remote teams can play Family Feud through virtual meeting platforms like Zoom. 

Office-Based Family Feud Questions

Coming up with a list of questions can be daunting, particularly if you want to make sure the questions are fun and work-appropriate. We’ve put together a list of questions to ask your team to generate the poll results you will use as questions:

  1. What is the most common reason folks are late to the office?

a. Traffic

b. Parking

c. Children

d. Sleeping in

  1. What is the most popular office snack?

a. Chips

b. Popcorn

c. Candy

d. Fruit

  1. What software do most people use to write reports?

a. Microsoft Word

b. Google Docs

c. Adobe Acrobat

d. A notepad and pen

  1. What is a reason someone might bring in treats to the office?

a. Birthday celebration

b. Promotion

c. Holiday celebrations

d. Saying thank you

  1. What is a common item people tend to forget at the office?

a. Umbrella

b. Phone charger

c. Water bottle

d. Access badge

  1. What would be the ultimate employee perk?

a. Extra vacation days

b. A company car

c. Office happy hours

d. Unlimited snacks

  1. What is the most creative way to take a break in the office?

a. Have a dance party!

b. Play a board game

c. Take a power nap

d. Go for a walk around the block

  1. What is the most popular desk accessory?

a. Mouse pad

b. Coffee mug

c. Stress ball

d. Post-it notes

  1. What type of music do most folks listen to while working?

a. Country

b. Pop

c. Classical

d. Jazz

  1. What is the biggest email faux pas?

a. Replying all

b. Calling someone the wrong name

c. Forgetting to add attachments

d. Sending to the wrong person

Funny Family Feud Questions to Ask Your Team

It can be a good idea to mix office questions with more fun and creative categories. This allows teams to be more creative and showcase their unique personality.  

  1. What is the best sandwich combination?

a. Peanut butter and jelly

b. Ham and cheese

c. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato

d. Turkey and avocado

  1. What is a movie series with large fan bases?

a. Harry Potter

b. Lord of the Rings

c. Star Wars

d. Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. What is a pastry you'd find in a French coffee shop

a. Croissant

b. Éclair

c. Pain au Chocolat

d. Tarte aux Pommes

  1. What’s something people might do on their day off?

a.Sleep in

b. Go for a walk or hike

c. Have a picnic

d. Watch movies or TV shows

  1. What is something you might find in an old-fashioned soda fountain?

a. Milkshakes

b. Sundaes

c. Soft drinks

d. Float or Soda Water with Syrup Added

  1. Which celebrity is best known for their sense of humor?

a. Steve Martin

b. Will Ferrell

c. Kristen Wiig

d. Amy Schumer

  1. What is a classic board game?

a. Monopoly

b. Scrabble

c. Risk

d. Clue

  1. What’s something you might find in a kids' playroom?

a. Legos or Blocks

b. Dolls or Action Figures

c. Puzzles

d. Play Kitchen or Train Set

  1. What is something people do to relax?

a. Take a hot bath

b. Listen to music

c. Read a book

d. Do yoga or go for a run

  1. What’s an activity that involves snow?

a. Skiing

b. Snowboarding

c. Alpine ski

d. Snow mobile

Team-Based Family Feud Questions

Some questions focused on team dynamics can help members learn more about each other and how to better collaborate. Here's a list of questions to ask based on the team:

  1. What is the most popular way to build relationships in the team?

a. Team games

b. Internal meetings

c. Watercooler talks

d. Brainstorming

  1. What’s something people do to celebrate accomplishments in the team?

a. Team meals

b. Group clapping 

c. High-five each other

d. Praise from superiors

  1. What is something people do to boost morale in the team?

a. Praise from superiors

b. Company outings 

c. Team-building activities 

d. Friendly competitions

  1. What is the most popular topic of conversation at the water cooler?

a. The latest gossip

b. Sports teams

c. Current events

d. Work projects and deadlines

  1. Name an activity that helps teams get to know one another better.

a. Icebreakers

b. Escape rooms

c. Family feud

d. Happy hours

  1. What is the best way to show appreciation towards team members?

a. Thank you cards

b. Kudos

c. Flowers

d. Coffee

  1. Name the best collaboration platform.

a. Virtual meetings

b. Virtual whiteboards

c. Asynchronous messaging tools

d. Videos

  1. Name the best team quality.

a. Alignment

b. Transparency

c. Communication

d. Respect

  1. Name the most used team emoji on Slack.

a. Celebration emoji

b. Laughing emoji

c. Checkmark emoji

d. Appreciation emoji

  1. Name an item where you’d find the company logo

a. Hat

b. Mug

c. T-shirt

d. Pen

Strong Team Building Relies on Workplace Wellness

Team activities, like Family Feud, can play a vital role in fostering connection among employees beyond work tasks. Such activities promote collaboration, support, and a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond one-off games. This helps people feel supported in their day-to-day employee experience.

Workplace wellness programs can institutionalize this support. Groups can benefit from great team bonding exercises, like group yoga or meditation classes. They provide your individual team members with the physical and mental wellbeing resources to feel and work their best. 

Wellhub’ wellness platform gives employees access to thousands of on-demand and in-person wellness resources, enabling them to feel their best wherever they are. 

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