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9 of the Best HR Newsletters

Apr 23, 2024
Last Updated May 13, 2024

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in the HR world? Thanks to online HR newsletters, staying updated with the latest trends, best practices, and industry news is more convenient than ever. 

Subscribing to newsletters tailored specifically for HR professionals is the perfect way to adapt to changing needs and expectations of this industry. Luckily, there are plenty of online newsletters you can get for free.


Best HR Newsletters

These nine top HR newsletters can keep you informed, inspired, and empowered in your role.

  • Wellhub's Weekly Newsletter
  • Bamboo HR
  • HR Brew
  • SHRM's Weekly Newsletters
  • HR Dive
  • HR Bartender
  • I <3 Humans from Lattice
  • TLNT Daily Newsletter
  • HR Daily Advisor

Wellhub's Weekly Newsletter

Wellhub is all about providing you with solutions for employee wellbeing! As part of that, we publish an informative and inspiring weekly newsletter anyone can benefit from. It's a top choice for those seeking to consistently improve corporate wellness. Each week, we provide valuable insights on workplace wellness, actionable advice, and real-world examples to help you create a healthier, happier employee culture. 

Wellness Minutes in Wellhub's Weekly Newsletter help HR leaders inject wellbeing into their work routine. 

The Wellhub Editorial Team works to bring you comprehensive and digestible information on topics in organizational wellness, as well as personal wellness and wellness partner resources. Typical subjects of Wellhub newsletters can include:

We also offer our subscribers free guides and white papers. These resources contain detailed HR insights, useful statistics, and strategies for staying ahead in a changing industry. By doing so, you can become a leader in HR and help your organization succeed.

But that's not all! We also have a dedicated “Wellness Minute” section — a quick and easy tip on how to add a wellness activity to your day. Feeling a little sluggish? Stuck in a rut? Our weekly "Wellness Minute" is here to the rescue providing bite-sized, practical suggestions to help you feel rejuvenated throughout the work day.

By subscribing to our weekly newsletter, you'll receive useful, free resources straight to your inbox each week. Sign up today to gain access to a wide range of educational assets designed to support the overall wellbeing of your workforce.


BambooHR's newsletter is another excellent source for HR insights, offering practical tips and strategies to streamline your HR processes. With a blend of industry news, expert advice, and tips and tricks, it's a popular choice for HR professionals.

Whether you're looking to improve your recruitment efforts, enhance employee engagement, or comply with local regulations, BambooHR's newsletter delivers timely and relevant content to help you excel in your role. Plus, it offers the occasional comprehensive guide or e-book to help you dig deeper into what matters most. 

HR Brew 

If you prefer your HR news with a touch of humor and wit, check out the free resource, HR Brew. From workplace trends to leadership insights, this daily newsletter takes a refreshingly candid approach to HR topics. It delivers a mix of news, analysis, and commentary in an engaging and entertaining format.

SHRM's Weekly Newsletters 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a trusted authority in HR, and its weekly newsletters are valuable resources for HR professionals at all levels. SHRM delivers timely and relevant content to help you navigate the complexities of HR, from legislative updates to best practices in talent management. 

With a focus on providing practical solutions to real-world challenges, SHRM's newsletters are essential reading for anyone looking to stay informed and up-to-date on all things HR. SHRM also lets you customize the HR news in your inbox, whether you prefer daily or weekly news or specific topics ranging from workplace compliance to HR technology.

HR Dive

HR Dive is another comprehensive resource for professionals seeking in-depth coverage of industry trendstechnology, and leadership development. With a team of experienced journalists and HR experts, HR Dive offers useful advice to help you drive positive change in your organization. Additionally, HR Dive often features case studies and success stories from leading companies, providing practical examples of effective HR strategies in action.

HR Bartender

HR Bartender offers a unique blend of HR advice and career tips in a friendly and approachable format. This HR website covers a wide range of topics, including effective recruitmentemployee engagement, and leadership transformation. Whether you're a seasoned HR professional or just starting out, HR Bartender delivers expert guidance to help you succeed in your HR career

Additionally, HR Bartender often features guest contributions from HR thought leaders and practitioners, providing diverse perspectives on key HR issues. Plus, they have a helpful podcast with episodes on all things HR that you can listen to to stay entertained and informed.

I <3 Humans from Lattice 

Lattice's newsletter, "I <3 Humans," is dedicated to helping HR leaders put their people first. Focusing on employee engagementperformance management, and leadership development, these resources can help you build a happier, more productive workplace

What sets I <3 Humans apart is its emphasis on community-driven insights. This means community members of the network can also share their experiences and advice. These crowd-sourced ideas may be featured in the weekly newsletters, providing even more unique information about the HR world. I <3 Humans also lets you know about new job opportunities and in-person meetups near you.

TLNT Daily Newsletter

TLNT is a news website that provides the latest happenings on the business side of HR. It has a network of contributing editors from HR leadership backgrounds. At TLNT, you'll find reliable, expert perspectives and advice on key HR matters. 

TLNT delivers daily updates on a wide range of People management topics, including employee benefitsdisability in the workplace, and HR trends. As the name implies, TLNT primarily focuses on talent acquisition topics. Additionally, TLNT often features guest contributions from HR thought leaders and practitioners, providing insightful perspectives you can carry into your HR department.

HR Daily Advisor

The online platform HR Daily Advisor is another popular resource for staying informed about the HR world. Here, you'll find articles, multimedia content, and podcasts about HR topics like return-to-office, sustainable business practices, legal compliance, and employee wellbeing. Like other HR resources, it shares the latest trends and forecasts about HR common practices. By signing up for their newsletter, you can get daily content sent to your inbox and stay educated on HR leadership and current events.

Enhance Employee Wellness with HR Newsletters

Signing up for HR newsletters can be a great way to educate yourself about the latest HR happenings and gain real-world insight to help you excel at your job. Whether you're looking for practical ways to streamline your HR processes or simply like the idea of getting a daily dose of inspiration, these nine HR newsletters offer a wealth of resources to support your journey.

Seeking these valuable insights is a great sign you're on the right track to drive positive organizational change! Wellhub offers weekly resources on HR topics and advice for improving overall organizational wellness. Our editorial team with HR expertise delivers industry-leading advice straight to your inbox so you can be a better leader.

To take employee wellness in your organization even further, talk to a Wellbeing Specialist today. Together, we can promote a healthier workforce that leads to a healthier business.

Company healthcare costs drop by up to 35% with Wellhub! (* Based on proprietary research comparing healthcare costs of active Wellhub users to non-users.) Talk to a Wellbeing Specialist to see how we can help reduce your healthcare spending!



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