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How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Apr 23, 2024
Last Updated May 10, 2024

You know who truly runs the world, right?

It’s administrative professionals. 

If you know, you know. And, if you don’t, just think about it — they ensure smooth day-to-day operations in a company. They manage calendars, answer crucial calls, decide who gets to talk to the top brass, and absorb other office needs as they arise to keep the wheels turning. 

Administrative Professionals Day is a great opportunity to recognize their incalculable contributions to your organization. 


What Is Administrative Professionals Day, And When Is It? 

This occasion recognizes the tireless dedication of administrative workers like receptionists and executive assistants. While it’s not a public or a day-off-work holiday, organizations observe it annually to acknowledge these unsung office heroes. 

In the United States, companies celebrate admin workers every Wednesday of the last full week of April. This year, it will be on April 24, 2024. 

It’s not unusual for employees to feel like companies ignore their efforts, according to Gallup, which can drive up turnover — workers are more likely to quit when they don’t feel appreciated. Recognition makes your staff feel valued. It also increases employee engagement by getting everyone more invested in what they do. Engaged workers are not only more productive but also enthusiastic about their workplace, which may improve employee retention. So don’t miss your chance to give admin workers a big shout-out on their special day! 

Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Looking to show some love to the admin pros in your office? Surprise them with a thoughtful present. Gift-giving is more than just a best practice — it can promote a vibrant corporate culture and create an employee experience that delights your workforce. From stylish mugs to restorative wellness perks, these gift ideas are sure to uplift their spirits.

  1. Wellness Perks

Given that four out of five employees consider their wellbeing just as important as their salary, hosting a wellness day is one of the best ways to reward someone on Administrative Professionals Day.You can gift them bonus wellness benefits, like premium meditation apps, fitness centers, and other employee perks. You can also hire yoga instructors for an in-office session, or provide gift cards and massage therapists for your teammates to unwind. They get to relax, a critical part of taking care of holistic wellness

  1. Personalized Thank-You Cards

A thank-you card is a great way to show appreciation because the focus is on the message, not the monetary value. Handwritten thank-you notes are a simple gesture, but they can be very powerful if their content is heartfelt. For the message to feel more personal and genuine, it’s best to be specific and detailed. Why are you grateful for someone’s contributions? How exactly has their work benefited the organization? (If you’re still stuck, see the next section for a few ideas to get you started.) 

As a plus, preparing them is quick and affordable, even for businesses with a tight budget. Once the cards are ready, you can put them on employees’ desks or mail the letters to their home addresses. Accompanying the letter with a present (like a gift card or a box of snacks) can make the reward even more fun! 

  1. Team Experiences

A fun day out can be a fantastic reward for an entire administrative team. It’s a chance for them to de-stress, get to know each other at a deeper level, and return to work feeling refreshed. 

Exciting team-building activities to consider include escape rooms, ping pong, and board games. These shared experiences foster collaboration, problem-solving, and friendly competition — all of which can strengthen bonds between colleagues. Taking your team out for lunch to spend quality time together can also have the same effect.  

  1. Customized Mugs (or Tumblers)

You can personalize a coffee mug with the recipient’s name or initials. Even better, you can add a special message, such as “Best Admin Ever” or “My boss thinks I’m awesome!” If you want to be more creative, a funny saying about the office life of admin workers can do the trick. The goal is to show that you took the time to select a gift specifically for them to help your team feel appreciated and valued

Besides being inexpensive, mugs can be a great gift because people can use them daily in the office. And every time they use the mugs, they are more likely to remember your thoughtful gesture and that they matter to the organization. 

  1. Custom Plaques

When it comes to Administrative Professionals Day gifts, practicality often takes center stage. But what if you want to give something unique that can stand the test of time? 

A custom plaque can be a fantastic choice. It’s a lasting keepsake the recipient can proudly display in their office or workspace for years. As a result, it can act as a constant reminder of the employer’s acknowledgment. 

You can customize plaques with the recipient’s name and title. Additionally, you can include an inscription that resonates with Administrative Professionals Day. It can be something heartfelt — like The Hands That Help Us All — or silly, like World’s Best Printer Unjammer. As long as the recognition award is true to them, it will make the gesture meaningful.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day Messages (5 Scripts)

Chances are, celebrating Administrative Professionals Day will require a note. Whether you’re giving somebody a handwritten card, shooting them a thank you email, or attaching a tag to a gift, a nice message can go a long way. Here are several scripts you can use to get rolling. 

Short Notes for Administrative Professionals Day

You can share the messages below with employees via corporate communication channels like Slack and Google Chat. 

Script 1 

Hey [@AdminProfessionalUsername],

Thank you for all the ways you support our team. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we're lucky to have you on board.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Script 2

Hi [@AdminProfessionalUsername] — Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Thank you for always being so reliable. [Insert an anecdote here that shows how reliable they are.] You make our jobs easier, and we appreciate you more than words can express.

Script 3 

Three cheers for [@AdminProfessionalUsername]!

You’ve made our life in the office easier, more times than we could ever count. And we’re especially grateful for [the person’s specific contribution or achievement in the organization]. 

Thanks for being such an awesome admin pro!

Email or Card Scripts for Administrative Professionals Day

You can use the following samples when sending admin employees a thank-you email or letter. 

Script 4

Dear [Admin Name],

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Thank you for [mention a specific achievement or contribution]. Your [mention specific skill] skills were crucial in making [mention positive outcome].

We are incredibly fortunate to have you as part of our team.

Thank you again!


[Your Name]

Script 5

Dear [Admin Name],

On behalf of the entire organization, I want to express our sincere gratitude for your hard work and dedication. You are a vital player in our team, and your contributions are essential to the company’s success. We appreciate your effort to keep us all organized.

Thank you for everything you do!


[Your Name]

Support Employees Year-Round

Admin workers are critical in keeping daily activities running smoothly in a company. Gifts and tailored messages can show appreciation during Administrative Professionals Day — especially since they’re so often the ones arranging these things for others. The key is to know what makes the present meaningful and memorable for each recipient. 

Celebrating employees on their special day is thoughtful. But championing them throughout the year demonstrates that they truly matter to your organization. 

A wellness program can help you recognize your staff year-round. Offering an annual gym subscription and premium access to meditation classes can be significant appreciation gestures. Such initiatives can have a major business impact — all HR leaders agree wellness programs are vital for employee satisfaction. 

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