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10 Health and Wellness Bloggers You’ll Want to Follow

Mar 13, 2023
Last Updated May 6, 2024

Health and fitness blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to stay informed about the latest trends in health and fitness. But with so many blogs and accounts out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth following — or emulating to further your own business. 

To save you time, we’ve curated a list of some of the top health and wellness bloggers for you to check out!

Mark Sisson – Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is a renowned health and wellness blogger who runs Mark’s Daily Apple. He has been blogging about nutrition, fitness, and other health-related topics since 2006.

As an experienced athlete, he understands the importance of proper nutrition for performance and wellbeing. His blog focuses on the paleo and primal lifestyle, including recipes and workouts. In addition to his own content, Mark also features guest posts from various experts. All this makes him one of the top go-to sources for improving your wellbeing by following a paleo diet.

Elle Linton – Keep It Simpelle

Elle Linton is the UK-based founder and blogger behind Keep It Simpelle, a health and wellness blog dedicated to helping readers make healthier lifestyle choices. From nutrition advice to workout plans, Linton offers practical advice that can easily be incorporated into a daily routine. With an emphasis on affordable and sustainable solutions, Elle makes it easy for anyone to improve their wellbeing without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much time.

But her blog isn’t just for health and wellness fans: She also has a section on her blog dedicated to the business of fitness to help other wellbeing professionals set up and grow their businesses. This section of the site addresses a wide variety of fitness professionals’ needs, from reviews of different platform options for hosting online classes to sources of royalty-free exercise music.

Adam Bornstein – Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein — who has consulted with some of the world’s top athletes and major corporations like Nike and Under Armour — is the founder and editor-in-chief of Born Fitness. This blog is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals, empowering readers to make informed health decisions through evidence-based advice for nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Bornstein’s blog features interviews with industry experts, who share their insights into the latest trends in health and wellness, in addition to drawing on his own experiences in competitive sports and the corporate world.

Tina Haupert – Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Tina Haupert is a certified nutrition coach and founder of Carrots’ N’ Cake. Her blog focuses on women’s health and wellness, with posts about nutrition, exercise tips and tricks, and lifestyle advice to help readers lead happier and healthier lives.

She has been blogging since 2008. Initially, her posts focused on fitness, but now she focuses more on nutrition programs, hormone testing, and one-on-one coaching. With an emphasis on maintaining the balance between nutrition and physical activity, Haupert provides helpful insight into how you can improve your overall wellbeing without making dramatic changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Robin Long – Lindywell

Robin Long is a health and wellness coach, certified personal trainer, and the founder of Lindywell. She has been helping people lead healthier lifestyles since 2003 with her unique blend of nutrition counseling, fitness training, and lifestyle coaching services.

She focuses on pilates, but her blog also includes posts about nutrition and general wellness. Her podcast, The Balanced Life Podcast, features interviews with experts on topics related to health and wellness, such as building positive habits and redefining happiness. Lindywell is a comprehensive resource for health and wellness content — especially for women.

Adriene Mishler – Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is a yoga instructor and wellness advocate who runs the popular blog Yoga with Adriene. She began her journey in 2009 when she decided to take on the challenge of teaching herself yoga and meditation. Since then, she has been dedicated to helping others improve their physical and mental wellbeing through her blog posts, online classes, and YouTube channel.

Mishler’s mission is to make yoga accessible for everyone regardless of body type or fitness level. Her videos feature various poses that can be adapted for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. She encourages viewers to explore their own practice to find balance and peace in their lives, emphasizing the importance of wellness and self-care.

Michael Greger, M.D. – Nutrition Facts

Michael Greger, M.D. is a renowned physician and nutritionist who runs the popular blog Nutrition Facts. He has dedicated his life to studying how a healthy diet can help improve people’s health and wellbeing.

With an emphasis on evidence-based nutrition advice, Dr. Greger shares practical tips for improving your diet as well as reviews of the latest scientific research in nutrition. With his vast knowledge of nutrition science and his passion for helping others lead healthier lives, Greger is one of the top go-to sources for achieving optimal health through proper nutrition.

Jessi Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland is a non-binary wellness blogger and coach focusing on body neutrality. They have a background in health and fitness and worked as a fitness trainer in NYC. From working with clients and their own experiences, they developed a philosophy of body neutrality. This is the idea that you don’t need to love or hate your body because your appearance is the least interesting part of your identity.

They provide coaching packages focused on body image, confidence, health, and wellness. Their blog combines personal reflections, guest articles, and professional expertise on topics ranging from body image to mental health. They offer an under-represented perspective on health and wellness that may feel particularly relevant to queer and non-binary readers.

Amanda Brooks – Run to the Finish

Amanda Brooks is an experienced runner, fitness coach, and blogger behind the popular blog Run to the Finish. She has been sharing her running journey for many years — her blog now features more than 2,000 articles offering practical advice on becoming a better runner.

Run to the Finish also includes posts about injury prevention, strength training, gear reviews, and other topics related to health and wellness. With her experience coaching runners of all levels, Brooks provides helpful tips for those looking to take their running game up a notch. All this makes her blog one of the go-to sources for improving your running performance while maintaining overall wellbeing.

Lee Funke – Fit Foodie Finds

Lee Funke is the founder and blogger behind Fit Foodie Finds, which is dedicated to helping readers make healthier food choices. She started the blog in 2010 to share her love of good food and its link to overall wellness. Today, the blog has grown into a well-known food and wellness website that features thousands of delicious, nutritious recipes. The site provides wholesome meal ideas and tips for eating healthy without sacrificing flavor or convenience.

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