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Build the Best Workout App for Women (Tips & Inspo)

May 23, 2024
Last Updated May 23, 2024

What keeps your patrons motivated and returning to your gym? Everyone has their personal reasons, but a lot of people rely on workout apps to track their progress and encourage themselves. To stay competitive and relevant, gym owners often create a workout app for their gym members.

Advances in health and fitness tech are changing the way that people approach their workouts, including at your facility. This technology isn’t going anywhere, either — according to Business of Apps, users downloaded fitness apps 858 million times in 2023. These workout apps for women offer inspiration for gym owners who want to create their own resources for their patrons.

The Business Benefits of Creating a Workout App for Women

There are countless exercise options these days. New health and fitness technology has allowed people greater workout freedom, including building a workout routine at home.

So how can fitness facilities compete with this freedom and convenience? 

One answer is to meet them where they’re at! As a gym owner, you can create or offer access to workout apps. That way, instead of competing with your business, apps can increase member loyalty and growth by giving people a convenient way to interact with your fitness business. 

There are other business perks, too. You can provide customers with a broader variety of classes and better quality fitness instruction without needing to hire additional staff. This also means that you can connect with and offer solutions to women who may not want to come into a gym but still want access to different wellness resources. 

App Elements to Consider for During Development

Whether you want to partner with leading fitness apps or create one of your own, gym owners get to decide which features best complement their facility offerings. Considering these aspects can help owners align their app features with the needs of their customers.

Subscription Models

Many fitness apps offer a variety of pricing structures. While some are entirely free, others operate on a paid subscription basis, and several provide a hybrid model where basic features are free with premium services available at a cost. Depending on your business model, you choose what features are free and what users must pay to use.

Workout Offerings

Women at your gym have different fitness goals, which means they will have unique preferences and needs from their fitness apps, too. Apps can offer a wide variety of workout types, ranging from yoga and pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training. Others may specialize in one type of exercise and really build out those features. Either way, it’s important to know what you want to offer your target audience.

Equipment Needs

Another factor to consider is what kind of equipment your app requires. Some apps are designed for gym use with on-site equipment while others are suitable for home workouts with minimal or no equipment. 

Workout Intensity Levels

If your gym caters predominantly to beginners, it's wise to build or choose an app that provides low-intensity options and introductory classes. At the same time, your facility likely has advanced patrons, too, so it’s just as important to have scalable workouts. Deciding how you can cater to different fitness levels can determine a lot about your app.

Best Workout Apps for Women

If you are ready to build one of the best workout apps for women and enhance your gym's market presence, start by examining the current top performers. What is working well? What features are drawing in customers? How can your app support and cater to women? Use these apps as inspiration to curate your own app and business offerings. 


Trainiac (available with a Wellhub membership) offers a unique fitness coaching service exclusively for Wellhub members, featuring individualized weekly workouts and 1-on-1 coaching from certified personal trainers. Some of the most exciting features include how customizable and accessible the fitness options are for users. Membership includes access to the top trainers who are nationally certified and have completed Trainiac’s rigorous online personal training curriculum. 

What’s Great About This App: The Trainiac app provides a balanced mix of activities you enjoy, along with strength, cardio, and mobility workouts that adapt as you progress. Even more impactful is the real human connection with a trainer who not only pushes you beyond your limits but also understands that fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all.


This app ($17/month; $100/year) is ideal for strength training and includes a meal planner with four different diet types. Users can choose from trainers that have different specialties like strength training, yoga, and endurance training. It also offers workouts of different intensity levels, so it is great for everyone from beginners to experts. 

What’s Great About This App: A major EvolveYou gives its users is customization to meet their specific fitness needs, preferences, and goals. This includes workouts tailored to different health goals and nutrition plans that match dietary needs. 


This app ($20/month; $120/year) is specifically designed for women, by women. Each session is led by an expert woman in the field, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced trainers seeking new options. The app also supports greater accountability by allowing users to track their workout history and stats. With on-demand classes, Sweat provides flexibility to fit various schedules, so there are options for women from all kinds of backgrounds.

What’s Great About This App: Sweat excels in creating a supportive environment tailored for women. The leadership by female experts not only empowers users but also enhances the community connection, making it easier for members to stay motivated and consistent.


The FUTURE app ($149/month) caters specifically to women seeking the guidance of a personal trainer—but with a little more flexibility. FUTURE provides one-on-one support from a personal trainer who tailors workout plans based on the user’s goals, schedule, fitness level, and available equipment. These plans are dynamic and adjust each week to maximize effectiveness. Keep in mind that FUTURE is only available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

What’s Great About This App: FUTURE stands out for its highly personalized approach to fitness, helping women ensure that every workout is aligned with their specific needs and goals. Users don’t have to feel locked into their original plan—their training and trainer grow with them!

BeachBody On Demand

This app ($90 for three months; $130/year) offers a vast selection of fitness classes and programs, making it an excellent choice for women exploring different fitness areas. BeachBody On Demand lets users search through classes based on their specific needs and interests, so everyone can find the perfect guided workout for their needs. 

What’s Great About This App: BeachBody On Demand is a good overall option for women who aren’t sure what fitness area they want to focus on or want to try out a variety of programs. This keeps fitness routines fresh and engaging—and ultimately well-rounded.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is completely free, which makes it a popular choice for many fitness enthusiasts. With hundreds of on-demand classes to choose from, users can enjoy intense workouts guided by professional trainers, athletes, and even celebrities. With so many classes and free workouts, Nike Training Club provides lots of flexibility both in scheduling and intensity levels. It’s also known for its community of women who support one another, especially in the strength training space.

What’s Great About This App: The most exciting aspect of this app is the bang for your buck— users enjoy no-cost access to a high-quality, diverse range of workout classes. This inclusivity enables users from all financial backgrounds to participate and benefit from professional training. 

Peloton App

Although most people likely associate Peloton with the name-brand bike, the Peloton app ($13/month) offers many different types of workouts. Members can choose from a variety of at-home workouts for everything from HIIT to meditation. There are hundreds of workouts for exercisers of all types and abilities, all led by enthusiastic and experienced trainers. Especially for women looking for highly engaging and exciting workouts, the Peloton app is an enticing choice.

What’s Great About This App: The Peloton App’s accessibility and low cost make it a standout choice for those who desire a premium workout experience without a hefty price tag.


MyFitnessPal, with both a free version and a paid version ($9.99/month; $49.99/year), is particularly well-suited for beginners. This is because it includes different workouts as well as a diet tracker and calorie counter. Based on nutrition, members can set personalized goals based on food and activity levels to meet their goals. It also provides educational resources about nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness to help beginners be more intentional and set customized health goals. 

What’s Great About This App: The ability to track both diet and exercise in one platform allows users to see the big picture of their health. This holistic approach to wellness, combined with the affordability of its paid version, makes MyFitnessPal a practical choice for beginners.


This app offers both a free basic version and a subscription option ($12.99/month; $69.99/year). JEFIT is particularly beneficial for women who want to improve their fitness routine—users can use it to create personalized training plans that actually move the needle. They can also connect with other members and participate in different fitness challenges that can provide more motivation — after all, who doesn’t love some lighthearted competition?

What’s Great About This App: JEFIT stands out for its community-driven features that not only foster a sense of camaraderie among users but also inject a fun, competitive spirit into fitness routines. 

Alo Moves

The Alo Moves app ($20/month; $199/year) is different from a lot of other apps on the market since it doesn’t focus as much on strength training or HIIT. For some women, they want their workouts centered around strength — but others don’t want something so intense. Alo Moves focuses on low-impact workouts with various yoga routines and mindful meditations. These classes are intended to increase flexibility and relieve stress. Plus, you can download classes, too—no WiFi or data needed on the go.

What’s Great About This App: This app is perfect for women who prefer a less intense, more mindful approach to fitness, where convenience and stress reduction reign supreme. 


This app offers various subscription options ($15/month, $39/quarter, $90/year), making it an accessible choice for many women. In fact, this is one of the best workout apps for women specifically, as the name implies. The program is meant to provide women with a personal trainer that they can take anywhere with them through an app. With personal training and customizable nutrition plans, it can be tailored to users’ preferences and health goals.

What’s Great About This App: StrongHer is a great option for women seeking a holistic health solution that offers the flexibility of a personal trainer and the structured support of a fitness program, all at a competitive price point.

Expand Your Membership Base

There are many different workout apps available that all come with different features, pros, and cons. As a gym or fitness studio owner, your app can be a great way to connect with a wider audience!

This isn’t the only thing you can do to attract customers or increase gym membership retention. You can also partner with Wellhub! Ninety percent of Wellhub members are new customers for our partners — it’s incredibly exciting to introduce a completely new demographic to businesses like yours.

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