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How Can Gym Subscriptions Grow Your Fitness Business?

Apr 26, 2023
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

Think about how long you’ve been paying for Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max. Some months you spend hours watching (like when the latest Stranger Things or Abbot Elementary drops). Other months you watch less, but you’re happy to keep paying for the service because you know you’ll go back to it.

That’s the power of subscriptions for companies, whether you’re talking about streaming or gyms. They make it easy for customers to maintain access to your services without pulling out their wallets every time. And the easier it is to use your service, the more likely people are to stick with it, meaning your customers stick around.

So subscriptions are convenient for customers and businesses: Let's take a closer look at the benefits of subscriptions for gyms and fitness facilities in particular!

Gives You Recurring Monthly Income

Gym subscriptions are an agreement between a fitness gym and its members that allow consistent access to the fitness facility. Some memberships may also include access to fitness classes, personal training sessions, or guest passes so the member can bring a friend every now and then.

Subscriptions are typically charged monthly, allowing the gym to receive predictable, recurring income each month. This enables financial stability for your business since you will have consistent revenue, even as the number of people walking through the door fluctuates.

The average cost of a monthly gym subscription varies depending on your location. In the U.S, New York is most expensive, with the average monthly gym memberships costing more than $75, while in Wyoming they average out at $38. 

If members sign up for a full year of membership, you lock in that much cashflow every month for the entire year. This ongoing income stream allows business owners to plan ahead, invest in new equipment and programs, and develop new strategies to keep members engaged and returning.

Can Help Grow Your Customer Numbers

Gym subscriptions can be a great way for fitness businesses to increase their customer base.

First, they make it easier for your customers to access your services. They don’t have to worry about paying out every time they want to work out — all they need to do is pay a monthly fee, and they’re good to go.

Subscriptions can draw in members through price discounts, special deals, and exclusive services offered only to your gym’s members. Auto-renew also increases the likelihood members keep their subscription month-to-month, so you retain your customers. This monthly rollover lets you grow your subscribership with every new member instead of treading water just trying to keep the customers you have. 

Increases Customer Loyalty

Lots of gym members really love their gyms: 95% of club users missed visiting their fitness facility during pandemic lockdowns, according to the IHRSA. Subscriptions help you turn those feelings into long-term relationships.

Gym subscriptions make customers commit to your business for a longer period of time instead of on a visit-by-visit basis. This gives you time to nurture your relationship with that client, whether that’s through exclusive benefits, discounts on apparel and gear, free classes or personal training sessions, mentorship from trainers or other perks non-subscribers can’t access. 

Creating a connection between your brand and clients with these unique benefits can create a stickiness that keeps customers coming back. That boosts the lifetime value of clients, since they stay around longer and you spend less time, money and resources pulling them in.

Gives You Opportunities to Upsell to Existing Customers

Gym subscriptions offer businesses a great opportunity to upsell existing customers, expanding your revenue by increasing the amount of money customers spend with you each month. 

You could, for example, offer members exclusive access to classes or regular PT sessions. Alternatively, you could offer subscribers member-only prices on additional services like meal plans or nutritional advice, capitalizing on the fact that 57% of gym goers say they want to eat more healthily. Whatever you offer, these sales are all more likely to happen with returning customers than first timers since subscribers are already engaged with the value your brand offers so they are more likely to want these additional services.

As a plus, these upsell opportunities can help you increase your member engagement. By giving them exclusive deals or discounts on products or services they may be interested in, you’re helping them get the most out of their gym subscription and showing that you care about their goals.

Gives You Access to More Potential Customers Through Partnerships

Gym subscriptions can also facilitate partnerships with other fitness companies and gym that expand your business. You might, for example, partner with a nutrition supplement company and offer members a discount on their products. These products could help your members get the most out of their workouts and may help them boost performance and make more progress toward their fitness goals.

Another option is to partner with other local gyms if they specialize in different facilities or offer additional classes. You can then offer members access to both gyms for a slightly higher price. This will give you access to a larger pool of potential customers and increase your reach.

Another way to reach new customers is partnering with Wellhub, which provides access to get access to a fresh and engaged fitness audience: Seventy percent of Wellhub users have never had a fitness membership before and are signing up for the first time.

Strategic partnerships with other fitness facilities, health and wellbeing products, or corporate wellness platforms can get you in front of new potential customers and help you grow your business.

Grow Your Gym Subscriber Base

Gym subscriptions are a strong way to grow your fitness business. They provide a consistent income stream, attract more customers, and help build customer loyalty — all while making it easier for customers to work out and stay fit. 

Positioning your gym as a corporate benefit by partnering with Wellhub can be a powerful way to execute strategy. Our research shows that 83% of employees believe their wellbeing is just as important as their salary, so they’re increasingly looking for companies that offer health and wellness perks — like gym or fitness subscriptions. 

With Wellhub, companies give their employees instant access to a huge network of gyms, classes, and wellbeing services through affordable, flexible monthly subscription plans.Think you could be our newest partner? Learn more about partnering with us today!



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