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Best Workout Programs to Get Inspired By

Jun 9, 2023
Last Updated Jun 9, 2023

No one can deny the many benefits of regular exercise—for both the body and the brain, physical activity can make all the difference in life. It’s easier to manage weight, lowers your risk of disease, provides you with more energy for your day, strengthens your muscles and bones, and helps with both your cognitive health and your mental health. It almost sounds too good to be true!

But ‘good’ is not the same as ‘simple’. Creating a workout routine is difficult for a lot of people—preexisting health conditions, busy schedules, and lack of resources can make exercise feel like a far-fetched goal.

Helping people overcome that hurdle with specialized fitness programs can help fitness providers pull ahead of the competition. Programs at the gym are great for increasing member loyalty and growth while providing real resources for people who need support. Here’s what you need to know about offering them!

Why Create a Workout Program?

A workout program is more than a facility somebody can use — it’s a resource created to help them take action. After all, change is easier when there’s a set goal and plan to get you there. The best workout programs usually offer these primary attributes and benefits:

  • Simplicity. A workout program does the decision heavy lifting so people can focus on lifting something heavy — or running, or stretching, or doing whatever it is that’s helping them break a sweat! Life is busy and people have to make choices all day long. Having an exercise program lets them make one decision — to workout — instead of making a series of decisions about what move to do or what weight to lift next.
  • Motivation. Just because we know we need to move our bodies doesn’t mean we always feel like exercising. Programs provide a dual dose of motivation through accountability and confidence. It helps people be accountable to themselves by being accountable to a community and trainers, too. People working within a program can rely on their trainer’s expertise, giving them confidence in the plan. 
  • Variety. Boredom can be a real obstacle in the gym. It’s good to be consistent, but you also need to be able to try new things or adjust your workouts as your health needs evolve. The best workout programs are also going to offer people some customizable options that give them a range of effective workouts for their fitness goals. 

All in all, workout programs are a great way to make the entire gym experience worth investing in a membership and offer a lot of useful tools to people!

Benefits of Online Workout Programs 

Online workout programs are also gaining traction in the fitness industry, allowing people can find all kinds of workouts and trainers to support their health goals at home. If you’re a gym owner, you don’t have to think of online workout programs as competition. Instead, consider rolling out virtual fitness programs, incorporating them into your business to access benefits like:

  • Accessibility. Everyone’s busy and looking for convenience, so gyms that are creating online fitness classes and engaging with a fitness community online are providing resources that their members can really utilize. 
  • Variety. There are all kinds of classes, apps, videos, and strategies that people can find in an online fitness program, which is great for those that want to personalize their fitness and create a plan that works for their goals and their schedule. There really is something for everyone!
  • Cost-effective. Online fitness programs can also be a really affordable option since they don’t require the same amount of equipment or resources to facilitate.

Of course, some people really need the environment of an in-person studio or class, so online workout programs aren’t for everybody. The gym also has a huge supply of equipment and space for people, so some people may need the physical space that comes with a gym membership. That said, the most useful gyms can give their members the best of both worlds with their membership and offer a mix of live virtual classes, and instructors that offer both in-person and online instruction.

Best Workout Programs of 2023 

Whether you want to recommend a certain program to your patrons or you want to design your own, here are some of the top workout programs out there!

Nike Training Club

Nike is not just a huge athletic clothing brand. The Nike Training Club is a free program that offers all kinds of workouts, including strength training, HIIT, yoga, cardio and running, and more. You can also customize your fitness plan using your goals and the app’s recommendations based on those goals. This platform is probably best suited for people who understand fitness and can easily follow a video or training exercise.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • Free and consistently updated with new content
  • Variety of class lengths, device compatibility, fitness level, workout types, etc.
  • Every class incorporates a warm-up and cool down

Quick facts to consider:

  • Less one-on-one training since trainers aren’t available for communication
  • Beginners may struggle without some basic fitness knowledge

Alo Moves

Any yoga fans out there? Alo Moves is one of the most extensive yoga-based workout programs, offering individual classes and series to help you reach your fitness goals. Yoga is of course the main appeal, but the program also offers pilates, barre, strength training, breathwork, and even HIIT workouts.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • You don’t have to have equipment to participate
  • New classes are offered daily
  • Easy to find workouts based on style, fitness level, class length, etc.

Quick facts to consider:

  • 5 to 90-minute classes
  • Subscription cost: $20 monthly ($100 annually)
  • Favorite instructors may not be contracted with the company long-term


Similar to the popular Peloton, iFIT has on-demand workouts for people who want equipment-free workouts or who use branded equipment like NordicTrack and ProForm cardio machines. You can find content for HIIT, strength training, or even mental wellness focuses like mindfulness. With a lot of options and enthusiastic instructors, there’s a lot to appreciate from iFIT.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • On-demand classes
  • Engaging instructors and more than 60 workout types
  • Interactive training with brand equipment

Quick facts to consider:

  • Subscription cost: $15 monthly or $39 monthly or a family plan
  • No live classes
  • Not as individual-focused or accountability-based


If you want a really customized experience with a personal trainer, Trainiac by Wellhub is a great choice. Participants get one-on-one coaching with trainers who have a lot of experience and insight and deliver custom fitness paths based on your goals. This is a good solution for people looking for consistent support, encouragement, accountability on their fitness journey.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • One-on-one personal coaching
  • Customized plan for your fitness goals
  • Thoroughly vetted personal trainers
  • Included in certain Wellhub subscription

Quick facts to consider:

  • Exclusive to Wellhub subscribers
  • Cost varies based on subscription tier


If you need a quick workout that you can do at home, consider using NCFIT from CrossFit Games athlete Hason Khalipa. For CrossFit fans, you can enjoy a range of workouts that vary by skill level and style based on your preferences. Options include a run-of-the-mill CrossFit workout, a bodybuilding program, a strength and conditioning program, and a HIIT program.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • All fitness levels can sign up
  • Unlimited access to four primary workout tracks
  • Short or  intensive workouts both available

Quick facts to consider:

  • Not a customizable program
  • May need to purchase some at-home gym equipment
  • Subscription cost: $20 per month

Juggernaut AI

The best workout programs for your health don’t have to include every type of workout. The Juggernaut AI platform is perfect for people who want to focus on powerlifting and bulking up; more specifically, Juggernaut helps you perfect “the big three,” back squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Using AI tech, you can get the benefits of personalized coaching and solutions without actually paying for the trainer.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • AI-powered software that is personalized to your goals, current fitness level, etc.
  • Completely individualized training
  • Two-week free trial period

Quick facts to consider:

  • Subscription cost: $35 per month
  • No live coaching available
  • No cardio workouts/less variety


If you’re looking for low-impact workouts that still get you moving, check out P.Volve. You can get toned muscles, a huge energy boost, and a serious workout without overtaxing your body or risking injury. With exercises designed for toning, sculpting, lengthening, improving posture, and increasing mobility, you can get a full workout at the best pace for your body.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • Great for beginners or low-impact exercise 
  • 7-day free trial
  • Can get one on one consultations with a membership

Quick facts to consider:

  • Subscription cost: $13 monthly ($150 annually)
  • Classes range from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Not a large variety of styles or high-impact workouts
  • Having a mat, hand and ankle weights, a pilates ball, and similar equipment isn’t required but is recommended


Some of the best workout programs don’t even require a video! Aaptiv is an audio-only format where you listen to your workouts, so you don’t need a computer or a TV to get it done. While it’s a simple setup and less visual, you can really streamline your workouts with all kinds of exercises, including treadmill, strength training, yoga, ruling, ellipticals, and more.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • Workout anywhere at any time
  • Simple and streamlined app
  • Offers more than 2,500 workout programs at a low cost

Quick facts to consider:

  • $15 per month or $100 annually
  • No visual cues
  • No live classes

FYT Personal Training

If you want to find a great trainer, FYT (Find Your Trainer) is a personal training program designed to pair you with your ideal trainer based on your preferences and goals. As an online platform, you can schedule with a qualified trainer and schedule sessions at home, at the gym, etc. You can even train with a group of friends!

The main benefits of this program include:

  • Personalized training when you're matched with a trainer
  • A variety of workout styles are offered, including yoga, strength training, cardio, pilates.
  • All trainers are certified, insured, and vetted

Quick facts to consider:

  • Can request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with your session
  • $29 per session (4, 12, and 24 sessions available)
  • No app available—only based online

Daily Burn

If you really want to hit those HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training) sessions, Daily Burn is one of the best workout programs. With over 2,500 live and on-demand videos, you have access to cardio, muscle building, yoga, and pilates classes.

The main benefits of this program include:

  • Foundational courses for beginners and more intense workouts available, too
  • Personalized HIIT workouts every week with step-by-step instructions or modifications
  • App has automated tracking and data features to help record your progress 

Quick facts to consider:

  • 10-, 20-, or 30-minute workouts available
  • $20 per month

Build Out Your Program with Wellhub

Working out should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and the best workout programs can make that experience possible! For people looking for the right exercise solution, a gym that offers extensive facilities and the resources and programs to support someone’s fitness journey is an enticing offer.

If you want to make your gym or studio more useful to your members, you can partner with Wellhub and our amazing library of resources that users have access to. We offer members a variety of wellness and fitness apps and a network of studios that are dedicated to making workouts simple and convenient. Learn more about Wellhub partnerships today to introduce more people to your fitness experiences!!




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