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Meet The Members: The Furry Friends Who Encourage Them

Feb 23, 2021
Last Updated May 23, 2024

If you’re a pet owner, chances are your little companion is probably curious about everything you do. Us humans are just so… intriguing. And, if you’re like our members Taryn Hampton (@arynlei), Yussy Swaine (@prettyontrack), and Luciana Levy (@lu.levy), your furry friends are uber curious about exercise — sometimes, they even try to join in. 

For these members, their dogs offer some extra motivation when they tag along for a sweat sesh. Not only does this make exercise more enjoyable, but also overly adorable!

The push we all need. 

We all have those days where the idea of staying under our covers sounds amazing. But deep down, we know that moving our bodies will make us feel better. That’s when our pets come in and make the biggest difference. 

For Yussy, this holds true. “[My dog] loves our midday walk… She’s always excited and eager! She helps me show up for myself even when I don’t feel like it,” she says. 

Even on our cloudy days, our pets can make things feel a bit sunnier. 

Walk the walk, wag the tail!

Freya, Taryn Hampton’s mini Australian Shepard, has quite the contagious curiosity. Going for walks with Taryn is the highlight of her day. “[Freya] motivates me to go further and longer each day,” Taryn shares.

Not only does Freya make walking feel like a breeze, but she also brings attention to the beauty of the outdoors with every step. “I feel like I am much more observant when we’re out walking.” 

Good friends grow together. 

There’s never a time when we’re not growing — our personal journeys unravel more and more every day. Not only can we see our own progress, but also that of our pets. 

Luciana’s puppy, Lola, is a green-eyed American Pitbull Terrier. Luciana has been able to watch Lola grow up and has plans for their activities in the future. “Lola is still a 14-week old puppy, so for now we just walk. But I plan on having her as my running buddy,” Luciana says. 

It’s nice to have someone at your side (or at your feet) that’s growing with you, too. The more motivation and excitement, the merrier!

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