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Meet The Member: Kellyn’s Journey In NYC

Jan 11, 2021
Last Updated May 20, 2024

When member and ambassador Kellyn McMullan found Wellhub, she was several months post-surgery and looking for a way to revitalize her strength, stamina, and motivation.

“I was also quarantining,” explains McMullan, “so it was hard to stay motivated working out in my tiny studio apartment. I was so excited about this opportunity though because I had the chance to sign up for workouts with a virtual personal trainer, take group classes via Zoom, and explore local studios/gyms as they began opening up!”

Kellyn (it rhymes with melon!) resides in New York City where she’s a full-time Assistant Buyer in the fashion industry, side-hustling as a blogger/content creator during the evenings/weekends. 

So how, exactly, did this New Yorker dive into her wellbeing journey, break out of her comfort zone, and find new ways to feel motivated again? Hear from her here, and get inspired to start a Wellhub journey of your own

What are some of the first things you tried with Wellhub?

McMullan: “The first thing I did was meet with a Wellness Coach to go over my goals and how to reach them. She encouraged me to start by scheduling my workouts every Sunday, so I can hold myself accountable and make sure I have a consistent workout schedule. I thought it was really helpful and I signed up for a personal training session. I liked that they’re 30 minutes but still effective and you’re able to get workouts customized for you. I also loved all of the virtual class options since it was freezing cold outside in NYC and I didn’t want to leave my apartment some days!”

How has your routine evolved since, and how has this changed your perspective on fitness, mental health, etc.?

McMullan: “Now I use Wellhub to do more in-person workouts, vs. virtual workouts. I’m consistently going to Equinox and Soulcycle in Hudson Yards and love them so much! I also am excited to try more studios as they begin opening up more. I’ve gotten consistent to a point where it’s now part of my daily routine and it’s something I look forward to. I’ve never been someone who enjoys working out, but now I am, which is so cool to say!”

How are you feeling as gyms start to reopen?

McMullan: “At first I was nervous – both because of COVID and also social anxiety. I never worked out in a group setting before and had always been an at-home workout type of person. But, once I went to my first gym tour and my first workout class, I got over that fear and found out how fun it can be to do a group workout class – even if you don’t know anyone else or how to do the workout! Now that I’ve been going for a few weeks now, I’m excited. I still do some virtual workouts if I need something to be quick (ex- during my work lunch break) but 80-90% of the time I’m working out at a Wellhub partner’s’ location!”

Any upcoming goals you’re focusing on?

McMullan: “The two fitness goals I have are to be able to do a pull up, and to do a full push up. I’ve never been able to do either of those and I typically struggle doing weight lifting exercises on my own because I don’t know proper form/how to use the equipment. But luckily with group workout classes, I’m able to start building my strength by trying new workouts!”

From feeling stuck to reaching brand new heights, Kellyn’s story is one that many in the Wellhub community (and beyond!) can relate to. It serves as an important reminder that there’s always something new to discover right around the corner (and maybe even right on your block).  


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