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Guest Blog: How I Use Wellhub Throughout The Day

Sep 3, 2020
Last Updated May 16, 2024

From workouts and personal training to nutrition guidance, online therapy, and more, Wellhub has a variety of resources for all your fitness and wellness needs. Need inspiration for how to use Wellhub in your day-to-day? Check out this guest post from one of our users, where he explains how he uses Wellhub throughout a typical day. 

Who? Blaine, a senior activation associate at Wellhub (fun fact: He’s traveled to 28 states with the company!)

What? He’s been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He enjoys HIIT/bootcamp classes and meditative yoga and has also recently picked up tennis, which has been “a great cardio workout.”

Where? Blaine lives with his partner in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Here’s how Blaine uses his Wellhub Diamond plan to stay active and prioritize his mind, body, and mood. 

In The Morning

I’m a late riser, so I usually get out of bed around 8 a.m. or so. For breakfast, I try to keep it light — homemade smoothies, yogurt, or a breakfast wrap — although my favorite lately has been kombucha or water kefir with a breakfast bar.

Blaine eating breakfast

My morning ritual is watching “Morning Joe” on MSNBC  — by far the best morning news show. I’ve also been getting into the habit of taking two to three personal training sessions a week with Lucianna Silvestri. She is the absolute BEST for restorative, meditative yoga. It’s the perfect class for a recovery day.

Book a session with Lucianna

Blaine doing meditative yoga


My apartment overlooks a nice park in the middle of the city! Around midday, I tend to go grab some sort of drink or snack and enjoy it in the park, and maybe walk around a bit, too, which I think is the perfect reset.

My go-to lunch is usually something like a turkey, spinach, and cheese wrap, maybe some fruit or a variety of nuts as a side. Throughout the day, if I only have 5 or 10 minutes between calls, I try to check out the Chill Anywhere app for one of their mini meditations.

Check out Chill Anywhere on Wellhub

After Work

Once my meetings and duties wrap up for the day, I make sure I completely shut off my work computer and reserve time for my personal life. My partner and I live in Charlotte and our favorite activities include a strength training class at Urban MVMNT and outdoor tennis at Life Time. We also have been loving Barry’s At-Home workouts. Our favorite is arms and abs day with bands.

Blaine and his partner working out with bands


Before bed, there’s nothing better than pouring a glass of red wine and having a few pieces of dark chocolate, followed by a few episodes of “The Office” (I’ve watched it from start to finish eight times now). 

Living within a large city, the typical night sounds can interfere with our sleep. We pull out the Zen app and choose from a variety of audio clips that completely cancel out any noise disturbance.

Check out Zen app on Wellhub

From workouts to therapy, meditation, and everything in between, a Wellhub membership gets you moving — mind, body, and mood. Sign up todayand start your free trial.


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