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How F45 Training Is Keeping Their Members Safe During In-Person Classes

May 5, 2021
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

Photo Courtesy of F45

Is HIIT your go-to way to sweat? Are you a functional training aficionado? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are sure to fall in love with our partner,F45 training.

F45 Training is a global fitness company focused on high-intensity intervals, functional training, and a team mentality. As the name suggests, their classes are 45 minutes long, making it one of the most time-efficient ways to increase energy levels, gain strength, and improve endurance.

These workouts are designed to unify each muscle group to help you move and feel stronger class after class. As you may have already guessed, the ‘F’ in the name stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts designed to make everyday movements easier. Plus, no two sweat sessions are ever the same. New workouts are handpicked, tested, and designed to continually challenge members class after class. 

Now, F45 is back with in-person classes and better than ever. Learn how they are keeping members safe with additional cleaning and disinfection procedures, social distancing, mask-wearing, and more. 

Stay in your pod

To promote physical distancing and personal space, members have their own stations or ‘pods’ during classes.

“I thought the new layout was very well thought out. I love the workout’s balance of weights, bodyweight work and cardio work, and feel very safe having my own pod to exercise in.” – F45 Dumbo member

6 feet, please

In addition to social distancing, equipment is thoroughly cleaned using high-quality cleaning products to ensure your safety and comfort during every workout.

Photo Courtesy of F45

“F45 is the best way to start my Saturday mornings, so it felt amazing to be back. Class was great: everyone wore masks and had their own individual station, which felt very safe. All of my equipment was super clean, and I got a lot of individualized attention from the coach!” – F45 Flatiron member

Individualized attention in a group setting

Looking for the perks of personal training paired with the camaraderie of a group workout? F45 may be perfect for you. Classes create an environment of team training paired with individualized attention, creating the perfect balance of community and uninterrupted observation from trainers.

One member from the LES location shares:

“F45 in a Circuit is really challenging! But I had all the equipment I needed in my own station, and the coach helped get me through it with a lot of one-on-one attention. Thank you F45 LES for working to bring us all back safely!” 

F45 member Jessica Sheahon was excited to finally return to her favorite in-person workout and experience the joys of being back in a class setting:

“It felt great to be back in. I felt safe. Coach Kim was great. Lots of one on one coaching. Really fun to be back. F45 in a Circuit is really challenging! You have all the equipment you need and more and Kim got me through it!”

Whenever you’re ready, book a class at F45 a try and see how this global community can uplift your fitness journey in just 45 minutes.

Enjoy fitness partners like F45 and discover new ways to break a sweat when you create your Wellhub account today. One membership with a whole lot to love. A world of wellness, nutrition, and fitness resources await! 



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