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*Clink Clink* A Toast To All Of You!

Aug 4, 2023
Last Updated Aug 4, 2023

Leaving this year better than we found it.

Despite the hardships of 2020, we’ve made it and we are so proud of our incredibly resilient, tough, and positive community. 

Change is a very daunting concept, especially when it’s unanticipated. None of us expected this , but it speaks volumes that we found ways to embrace and make the most of our new situations. So thank YOU. 

For the first time ever, we’re excited to introduce: Wellhub End Of The Year Awards! We want to take this opportunity to also thank and celebrate each and every one of our partner gyms, studios, trainers, and wellbeing apps for providing the resources that have eased this year’s strain. Though we can’t include every partner in these lists, our appreciation extends to each one.

Now, Drumroll please…

A toast to those who have pushed us, helped us love new exercises, and made us stronger.

🌟 Most Popular Full Service Gym: Life Time

🌟 Most Popular Studio: [solidcore]

🌟 By Category: Most Popular Yoga Class: Y7 Studios

🌟 By Category: Most Popular Dance Class: Dance House Fitness

🌟 By Category: Most Popular Boxing Class: TITLE Boxing Club

🌟 By Category: Most Popular Strength Class: True Performance Training

🌟 By Category: Most Popular HIIT Class: F45 Training

🌟 By Category: Most Popular Spin Class: SoulCycle

🌟 Most Popular in NYC: Blink Fitness

🌟 Most Popular in Las Vegas: Las Vegas Athletic Clubs

🌟 Most Popular in Chicago: Chicago Athletic Clubs

🌟 Most Popular in Houston: O Athletik 

🌟 Most Popular in Los Angeles: Gold’s Gym SoCal

🌟 Most Popular in San Francisco: Fitness SF

🌟 Most Popular Live Class: Barry’s At Home

🌟 Most Popular Local Gym: Steel Fitness Premier

A salute to those who have supported and motivated us throughout our unique journeys.

🌟 Most Popular Personal Trainer: Dean Seda

Extending praise to those who have calmed us and shown us new ways to cope.

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Overall: NEOU

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Nutrition: Nootric

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Fitness: NEOU

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Mental Health: WellnessCoach

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Therapy: iFeel

🌟 Most Popular Wellness App – Sleep: Calm

That is a wrap! All of our partners went above and beyond to strengthen our minds, bodies, and moods this year. Without them, Wellhub wouldn’t be able to keep you feeling your best. Let’s celebrate them, and ourselves, for finishing this year stronger than ever.

From workouts to therapy, meditation, and everything in between, a Wellhub membership gets you moving – mind, body, and mood. Sign up today and start your free trial. 


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