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Success Story: SoFi & Wellhub

Dec 7, 2021
Last Updated Mar 14, 2024

As a leading US-based digital personal finance company, SoFi found a way to attract and retain the best talent in an ever-competitive tech world by using corporate benefits, including Wellhub.

The Starting Point

SoFi looks for benefit partners that have the same approach as they do with their clients: leading technology with a warm touch – in other words, with real people behind it. With more than 2,500 employees spread across 24 locations in the United States, the tech company knew they needed to design a solid benefits package to offer to employees, as they branched out to other regions and new countries.

The Journey

Director of Benefits, Debbie Westover says that in general, benefits are very complex. “As a result of SoFi’s pretty rapid growth, we’re becoming a more diverse workforce – and everybody has unique needs. It’s very important that our [benefits] program speaks to those needs and is able to support [our] people no matter where they are in their life journey.”

On top of this, Westover and her team look for partners who also offer peace of mind to their daily operations, providing stability and trust between the benefits provider and SoFi’s workforce.

The Solution

In the beginning of 2020, Westover was on the lookout for a new fitness and wellness partner to up SoFi’s benefits game. Through engagement surveys conducted with SoFi’s employees, it became clear that the benefits offered by the company play a crucial role in talent retention. According to Westover, the benefits package is one of the most important reasons why workers decide to stay at SoFi.

And once Westover found Wellhub, the most complete corporate wellbeing platform, she knew that things would change for the better. “[Before], there were a lot of pain points on the back end. It’s just been running so much smoother since we moved to Wellhub, I don’t have to run around and try to solve problems [anymore].”

Since the benefits team looks for tech partners who also have a warm touch, Westover was glad to see that Wellhub is able to provide exactly that: a technology-first wellbeing solution, with significant ability to adapt and innovate even in extraordinary times, with a people approach to her team and all of SoFi’s employees. “Having the app and being able to chat directly to someone at Wellhub if [the employees] need to is super important. We appreciate that the wellness offerings increased, you were quick to respond to what the pandemic threw at you. This is super important in this day and age”.

Wellhub‘ success with SoFi is on an upward climb and this means that Westover will not settle for the numbers they have right now – her goal is to reach 50% of members with an active Wellhub plan. “I want everybody to participate as much as possible on all the different programs that we have. I think it just breeds loyalty not only to Wellhub, but also to SoFi”.




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