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World Sleep Day: Wellhub Empowers Companies With New Sleep Resources to Boost Employee Wellbeing

Mar 13, 2024
Last Updated Mar 13, 2024

Wellhub is expanding its new Sleep category by adding Rise Science and SleepScore to its network of holistic wellbeing partners

98% of employees reportthat sleep is crucial for their wellbeing, while 60% say that work-stress impacts their sleep negatively

New York, March 13th, 2024 – Wellhub, the leader in corporate wellness, is adding powerful new sleep monitoring apps to its platform in conjunction with World Sleep Day (March 15th). Wellhub subscribers on the Starter Plan and above will be able to access Rise Science and SleepScore, which join existing Wellhub partners HeadspaceSleep CycleMeditopia and Calm.

"Sleep is essential for holistic wellbeing," says Wellhub CEO Cesar Carvalho. "By providing employees with the tools they need to improve their sleep, Wellhub is helping companies invest in their most valuable asset: their people. Our corporate wellness platform offers employees all-in-one subscriptions to the best partners for fitness, mindfulness, therapy, nutrition, and sleep – all designed to cost less than each individual partner.” 

Created the team of sleep experts at Rise Science, RISE is the sleep and energy tracker used by millions. RISE tells Wellhub users the best time to do everything, from when to have their last cup of coffee, when they should do their most important work, when to exercise, and when to wind down for bed, all based on their own circadian rhythms. RISE makes it easy for Wellhub users to feel great, based on sleep science.

SleepScore goes beyond sleep tracking by deeply analyzing users data to provide a personalized sleep improvement program tailored to user’ lifestyle and specific needs. Leveraging cognitive behavioral science and sleep & circadian hygiene, SleepScore’s program is backed by two independent studies showcasing sleep improvement efficacy. Users can track using SleepScore's proprietary and validated sonar method or sync with their existing device. Starting in April, Wellhub users will be able to use SleepScore to follow their improvement over time with in-depth graphical representation and sleep history.

Employees can check eligibility and companies can get started today at



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