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Wellhub Surpasses 400 Million Check-Ins, Transforming Employee Wellbeing on a Global Scale

Jan 30, 2024
Last Updated Jan 30, 2024

The company reached a new high of 2.6 million subscribers in January as people kicked off their New Year's resolutions.

In 2023, Wellhub grew its corporate customer base to more than 15,000 and expanded its network to more than 50,000 partners

Wellhub is leading the corporate wellness revolution, creating healthier and more productive teams by delivering holistic wellbeing benefits that meet employees’ unique needs

NEW YORK – January 30, 2024 – Wellhub, the leader in corporate wellbeing, today announced that it has surpassed 400 million cumulative employee check-ins across its expansive partner network. This milestone highlights the company's unwavering commitment to transforming employee wellbeing worldwide, and its continued success in providing holistic wellness benefits to a diverse and growing network of companies and their employees.

“Wellhub is reinventing corporate wellness by making it more accessible and engaging for employees,” said Cesar Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Wellhub. “Our continued growth to more than 400 million total check-ins and a record number of employee subscribers at the start of 2024 highlights Wellhub' unique appeal. When employees love the platform, they use it more, benefiting themselves and their employers with increased productivity, lower turnover, and reduced healthcare costs."

Recent Company Highlights

Wellhub solidified its position as a global wellness leader with a record year by surpassing 15,000 corporate customers, including Aflac, Amazon and Dignity Health.

  • In August, it announced $85 million Series F fundraising. This significant investment helped accelerate growth globally, as companies redefined traditional healthcare benefits, shifting towards a more comprehensive and proactive approach to employee wellbeing. 
  • New innovative partners joined its network, including Apple Fitness+, CorePower Yoga, Headspace, MyFitnessPal, and micromobility provider Tembici. These new partners enhance Wellhub's diverse array of wellness options, providing users with a comprehensive and personalized approach to health and wellbeing. 
  • Wellhub launched Personal Wellness Coaches, expanding its personal training product from a fitness-only solution into one that serves holistic wellness needs. Highly qualified coaches are uniquely positioned to understand member’s individual needs and goals, build personalized plans, and guide them along their wellbeing journeys.
  • The company released its 2023 Return on Wellbeing report, a survey of more than 2,000 human resource leaders who are investing in workforce wellbeing and its 2024 Work-Life Wellness report, showcasing the growing importance of wellbeing based on a survey of more than 5,000 global employees.

In an era where companies face increasing pressure to operate efficiently and enhance profitability, Wellhub offers a strategic solution for companies and HR leaders seeking to decrease costs while simultaneously enhancing the employee experience, ultimately leading to improved productivity and profitability. In practice, Wellhub more than doubles the number of employees engaged with wellness programs for its customers, empowering companies to reduce healthcare costs by encouraging employees to become more physically active. 



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