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Wellhub and Tembici Partner to Offer People Access to Healthy Micromobility Services Across Brazil

Oct 5, 2023
Last Updated Oct 5, 2023

New York and Sao Paulo, October 5, 2023 Wellhub, the leading corporate wellness platform, today announced a partnership with Tembici, the leader in technology for micromobility in Latin America, to revolutionize access to healthy mobility services. The partnership will provide millions of employees with easy access to bike rentals as part of their Wellhub memberships.

Wellhub members in Brazil can now tap into Tembici’s extensive micromobility service, which gives them  the ability to access eight trips per month across 20,000 conventional bicycles and 10,000 e-bikes in major cities including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Porto Alegre, among others.

The challenges and expenses of daily commuting have emerged as major obstacles for workers  to return to the office. Recognizing that commuting plays a crucial role in employees' overall wellbeing, this collaboration aims to make the experience more appealing by offering a fun, eco-friendly and healthy alternative to other transportation modes. The partnership will also support people’s wellbeing for other purposes, including having more sustainable options for everyday mobility and casual riding for personal enjoyment.

“We are excited to partner with Tembici to now add mobility as part of our industry leading corporate wellness platform,” said Cesar Carvalho, CEO and Co-Founder of Wellhub. “Off the heels of our recent study showing that active employees using Wellhub can reduce their company healthcare costs by 35%, companies have an additional option to help their employees get active. Whether it's commuting to work or riding for leisure, Wellhub members now have a new way to make  healthy choices in their day-to-day lives.”

Tembici data shows that 58% of its cyclists use a bicycle as a means of transport to or from work, reinforcing the importance of the mode of transportation to their weekly routines. In addition, 39% use the system for comfort, 23% because it is good for health and 20% for saving time and money.  

“The partnership with Wellhub is of great importance to attract new cycling enthusiasts and bring the shared bicycle as a benefit to millions of people," says Tomás Martins, CEO of Tembici. “In addition to making cycling more viable for users and helping us to put more bicycles on the streets, partnerships like this allow us to open up a dialogue on the importance of micromobility with more sectors of society, and amplify the revolution of sustainable mobility in cities across the world."

Wellhub members who use Tembici bikes will still have the ability to conduct an in-person check-in to the company’s wide variety of gyms, studios, and classes that day. The app can be found in the list of Wellhub partner apps and is available starting with the Silver plan. For São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Pernambuco, members must use the bike Itaú app. For Brasília, Curitiba and Riviera the Tembici app.


About Tembici

The company is a leader in technology for micromobility in Latin America, responsible for more than 220 million journeys with bicycles in the main Brazilian capitals, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Brasília and Porto Alegre, as well as Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires  (Argentina), and Bogota (Colombia). Recognized as one of the most promising and innovative startups in the country, over the last few years the company has been responsible for the potential savings of 38,000 tons of CO2 that would be released into the atmosphere. In 2022, the company held the first auction of carbon credits for micromobility in the world and became the largest B Corp of shared bicycles.



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