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Wellhub Announces Permanent Adoption of Flexible Work Model

Nov 21, 2023
Last Updated Nov 23, 2023

While many companies are still grappling with the decision of bringing employees back to the office, going fully remote, or adopting a hybrid model, Wellhub is proud to announce the permanent adoption of its current flexible work model. The decision aims to empower Wellhub employees to make the right choices for themselves and the company, based on principles of trust, empowerment, accountability and flexibility.

Wellhub' flexibility policy captures the best of both worlds, embracing the benefits of in-office and remote work without mandating any set amount of days or time in the office. It enables Wellhub employees and their leaders to make choices that suit both their personal preferences and the needs of the company. 

Livia Martini, Chief People Officer of Wellhub, emphasizes, "Employee wellbeing can't be prescriptive. Everyone has different needs and flexibility is vital, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Making our flexible policy permanent is a celebration of what we have learned over the past years, of the culture we built and want to keep improving and of our constructive collaboration."

Wellhub' new State of Work-Life Wellness Report surveyed more than five thousand workers across nine markets and found that employees working in their preferred environments are more likely to report positive wellbeing and enhanced productivity. "We found that employees in their non-preferred work environment are almost twice as likely to be unhappy with their current company than employees in their preferred workplace,” said Martini. “On top of that, more than a third of employees (37%) wish they worked in a different work environment. When we compare these results with our own experience with a flexible work model, it becomes clear that this was the right decision for the company and our employees.”

Wellhub strongly believes that wellbeing is foundational to employee performance and that investing in employee wellness pays for itself. "Companies that ensure their employees feel supported and have proper resources to prioritize their wellbeing have happier, more engaged and productive workforces,” said Martini. “This creates a positive return on investment that contributes directly to the bottom line of the businesses, demonstrating how comprehensive wellbeing benefits are a win-win for employers and their employees.”

At Wellhub, wellbeing is not just a buzzword, it's a practice that thrives on open, honest conversations among teams. On being immersed in a supportive culture that genuinely supports its people. On ensuring trust based relationships with open communication. On the empowerment to make decisions about work and life in context, where each team member feels recognized and valued. 

When we live our mission of making wellbeing universal, it makes achieving great results even more impactful since we have a clear sense of purpose. None of this is possible without the presence of role models and mentors, which  enhance the overall work experience by providing guidance and motivation, both in work and life.

Wellbeing also means taking time off when needed and utilizing the array of wellbeing resources available in our own product, including access to gyms and studios, support to mental and emotional health and to the best apps and services for meditation, mindfulness, sleep health, nutrition, financial education and much more. 


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