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Wellhub acquires Andjoy and 7Card as it expands European footprint

Jan 19, 2022
Last Updated Mar 15, 2024

Wellhub, the world’s largest corporate wellbeing platform, today announced its acquisition of Andjoy in Spain and 7Card in Romania, both owned by Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, thus expanding its business footprint in Europe. 

The acquisition of Andjoy, a corporate wellbeing platform founded in Barcelona in 2013, that has grown to include 2,200 wellbeing partners, will further solidify Wellhub’ position in Spain, bringing on board more than 400 corporate clients, such as Glovo and Iberdrola, and new partners, including CET10, Aiguajoc and many others in the Catalonia region. 

Andjoy was considered one of the first corporate wellness platforms in Spain, and this latest move will expand on Wellhub’ already excellent network of partners, particularly in Barcelona, bolstering its offering for users, whilst also helping to reach new clients. 

7Card is a leader within the Romanian wellbeing market, with over 1,000 corporate clients and more than 600 wellbeing partners, it presents the ideal addition to the Wellhub business in order to expand its footprint in a new market and continue with its mission to make wellbeing universal.

“These acquisitions continue our exciting progress at Wellhub, expanding our business in Europe as we continue to grow worldwide,” said Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO at Wellhub, “Andjoy will enable us to offer an even better service to our clients in Spain, and we see Romania as an exceptional opportunity to expand and revolutionize the wellbeing market there.”

“We’re very excited to be a part of Wellhub’ journey,” said Javier Calderero, Director of Operations at Andjoy, “we have a very similar vision for the future and our clients and partners will no doubt see the benefits of us working together. Through this acquisition we’ll reach new audiences and continue to grow, eliminating barriers to activity and promoting healthy habits.”

Along with the acquisitions of Andjoy and 7Card, and building on a relationship first developed in 2014, Wellhub and Sodexo have also signed a commercial agreement, enabling Sodexo to offer the Wellhub platform to its clients across the globe, with an initial focus in Spain, Romania and the UK, in addition to an existing partnership in Brazil. 

Wellhub has continued to grow at pace, as the company expanded its offering during the pandemic and secured a further $220m in funding in June 2021, with the latest acquisitions following hot on the heels of the acquisition of Trainiac, a leader in 1-on-1 online personal training, in December 2021.



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