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HR Heroes: Meet The Top 25 Chief Human Resource Officers Transforming Employee Wellbeing

Oct 11, 2023
Last Updated Oct 17, 2023

We've embarked on a thorough exploration of LinkedIn to uncover the CHRO superheroes who are making significant strides in enhancing employee wellness within the corporate world.

So, who are these exceptional CHROs, donning their capes and wielding the power to make employee wellbeing a top priority? Here, we assemble our league of the top 25 CHRO superheroes, not only reshaping wellbeing but also injecting a dose of humanity into the corporate world.

It's time to shine a spotlight on these outstanding individuals and give them the well-deserved recognition they've earned, don't you think? Let’s dive in. 

1. Katarina Berg.pngFollow Katarina Berg on LinkedIn

Katarina Berg, the powerhouse Chief Human Resources Officer at Spotify, is a true trailblazer in the HR world. Berg is a huge supporter for young leaders, passionately guiding them towards success within Spotify's dynamic culture. Their unwavering commitment to inclusivity has transformed the company into a beacon of diversity and belonging. 

Our favorite post: With a passion for nurturing young talent, Berg is driving success in Spotify's vibrant culture.


2. Katie Burke.pngFollow Katie Burke on LinkedIn

Katie Burke is revolutionizing the workplace by focusing on culture, innovation, and inclusiveness. In recognition of their efforts, HubSpot's global People Operations team has received accolades from prestigious organizations such as Glassdoor, Comparably, Fortune, and Great Places to Work. Through their efforts, Katie has solidified HubSpot's reputation as the ultimate destination for professionals, earning recognition as a top workplace for Women, Parents, Diversity, Culture, and Employee Choice.

Our favorite post: Katie champions the importance of rejuvenation through HubSpot's Week of Rest, a cherished tradition that ensures everyone returns to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


3. Jacqui Canney.pngFollow Jacqui Canney on LinkedIn

They are the mastermind behind ServiceNow's groundbreaking People Pact – an innovative commitment to empower employees to "live their best lives, do their best work, and fulfill our purpose together." And that’s not all — Jacqui spearheaded the launch of the company's shared learning platform, frED, creating a future where every employee excels.

Our favorite post: Jacqui continues to champion diversity, resilience, and innovation as they navigate the evolving talent landscape in light of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.


4. Ewan Clarkson.pngFollow Ewan Clarkson on LinkedIn

Ewan's not just a HR leader; they are a trusted advisor to business leaders, CEOs, and boards, with a wealth of international experience in diverse markets. Their mission? Shaping the future of work and revolutionizing work experiences.

Our favorite post: Their LinkedIn post is all about celebrating the remarkable achievements of women in the workplace and reminding us that while there's been some progress in advancing women in a number of areas, there's still work to do.


5. Gloria Chen.pngFollow Gloria Chen on LinkedIn

With a portfolio spanning talent development, diversity and inclusion, and all things HR, Gloria shapes the employee experience for over 22,000 employees across 75 global locations. Their remarkable 20-year journey with Adobe includes steering the company through pivotal transformations, from crafting its ecommerce strategy to fortifying its enterprise sector and navigating complex acquisitions.

Our favorite post: Gloria and team recently joined forces with Thrive Global + SHRM’s Mental Health pledge to ensure every individual's mental wellbeing is not only valued but cherished at Adobe. 


6. Scott Domann.pngFollow Scott Domann on LinkedIn

Scott’s mission is to create a place at Calm where everyone feels like they truly belong. Case in point – Scott and team have partnered up with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people, offering mental health resources for their crisis services volunteers.

Our favorite post: Scott's driving home a vital message: LGBTQIA+ mental health is health, plain and simple. So let's all take a moment to prioritize ourselves, our mental wellness, and our overall wellbeing.


7. Peter Fasolo.pngFollow Peter Fasolo on LinkedIn

With a commitment to building the world's healthiest workforce, Peter advocates for progressive workforce policies and inclusive leadership. They are on a mission to foster a sense of belonging for every employee at Johnson & Johnson, making inclusivity an integral part of the organization's DNA.

Our favorite post: Peter is amplifying the company's already robust global leave benefits, prioritizing caregiver, bereavement, and volunteer leaves for employees worldwide so that they have the flexibility to be present for life's crucial moments. 


8. Beth Galetti.pngFollow Beth Galetti on LinkedIn

With a passion for global collaboration and talent development, Beth is a driving force behind Amazon's success story. They not only transform businesses, but also deeply care about the people behind the success.

Our favorite post: Beth understands the profound significance of mental wellness and is dedicated to providing Amazon's workforce, as well as their families, with a diverse range of resources to cater to their unique needs.


9. Teuila Hanson.pngFollow Teuila Hanson on LinkedIn

Teuila is a catalyst for meaningful change. Their passion lies in crafting and leading impactful strategies that tackle even the most intricate business, talent, and cultural challenges head-on, including the vital work of inclusion and diversity.

Our favorite post: Their post is a powerful reminder: Black women earn only 64 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men. But here's the silver lining: LinkedIn is doubling down on their commitment to pay equity and ensuring that employees with comparable skills and experience get the same opportunities and equitable pay, no matter their demographics.


10. Samantha Hammock.pngFollow Samantha Hammock on LinkedIn

With their experience at companies like Verizon, American Express and JPMorgan Chase Vastera, Samantha's commitment to talent development and career advancement is undeniable. They are not just leading HR; they are shaping a future where innovation and continuous growth are the standard.

Our favorite post: Financial wellness is paramount and Samantha leads the way in providing employees with the knowledge and tools to tackle debt, build savings, and reduce financial stress. Financial Literacy Month was a testament to Verizon's commitment to empowering its employees' financial wellness journey.


11. Kathleen Hogan.pngFollow Kathleen Hogan on LinkedIn

With unwavering dedication, Kathleen works closely with employees to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. But their impact goes beyond Microsoft. They serves on the boards of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), the SHRM Executive Council, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, using their personal and professional experiences to create meaningful change.

Our favorite post: Kathleen brings attention to the pressing problem of manager burnout and exhaustion. As a compassionate leader, they emphasize the critical importance of reimagining workplaces to infuse each role with purpose and significance.


12. Melissa Howell.pngFollow Melissa Howell on LinkedIn

Melissa has earned a well-deserved seat at the table of Kellanova's executive committee. But their remarkable journey doesn't start there – it unfolds over 24 impressive years at General Motors where they led a formidable team of HR professionals worldwide.

Our favorite post: They are not just spreading awareness; Melissa is arming their team with the tools to become exceptional allies in the fight for equity, diversity, and inclusion on Juneteenth.


13. Brent Hyder.pngFollow Brent Hyder on LinkedIn

Brent is a strong advocate for empowering employees and embracing flexible work arrangements, and guess what? It's earned Salesforce top spots on all the major best workplace lists, from Great Place to Work to Fortune, People, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Our favorite post: Employee wellbeing meets top-notch performance – Brent is setting the standard for a thriving workplace. That's the power of leading with flexibility.


14. Francine Katsoudas.pngFollow Francine Katsoudas on LinkedIn

For Francine, it's all about people. They're the ones who make Cisco's mission to “Power an Inclusive Future For All” come to life. And they are not just about talk; they are walking the talk. As a board member at Americares, they are making sure everyone gets the healthcare access they need. But that's not all – they are also the co-chair of the Global Citizen board, and together, they're on a journey to kick extreme poverty to the curb. Plus, they are an advocate for children, homeless youth, and the Latino community. They are a real-life superhuman!

Our favorite post: Francine understands that the stigma around mental health can be a massive roadblock for many of us, whether at home or work. But they've got a powerful message: let's start with sharing our stories. 

Francine Katsoudas_Post.png


15. Cheryl (Johnson) King.pngFollow Cheryl (Johnson) King on LinkedIn

Cheryl is a dynamic HR leader with a rock-solid foundation in all things HR — from talent acquisition to culture building, labor and employment practices to organizational development – their expertise knows no bounds.

Our favorite post: Let’s remember that culture is not a spectator sport; it's an immersive experience. Cheryl is shaping it with intention at Paylocity and creating spaces where everyone can be their true selves.

Cheryl (Johnson) King_Post.png


16. Melissa Kremer.pngFollow Melissa Kremer on LinkedIn

From recruitment to diversity and inclusion, Melissa has infused a sense of empathy into every aspect of the company. Their involvement in prestigious organizations like the HR Policy Association and Gallup Retail CHRO Roundtable showcases their commitment to shaping the HR landscape.

Our favorite post: During National Volunteer Month and throughout the year, Melissa passionately serves communities across the country, showing their dedication to making the world better, one act of kindness at a time. 

Melissa Kremer_Post.png


17. Nickle LaMoreaux.pngFollow Nickle LaMoreaux on LinkedIn

With an impressive 22-year tenure at IBM, Nickle has successfully steered HR strategies that have fueled IBM's growth – from established markets to emerging sectors. But it's not just business for Nickle; they genuinely care about their people's mental wellbeing, exemplified by IBM's commitment to offering 12 free counseling sessions to U.S. employees and their families.

Our favorite post: A compassionate leader, Nickel advocates for National Mental Health Awareness Month, delivering a compelling message: you don't have to navigate life's obstacles on your own.


18. Kristen Ludgate.pngFollow Kristen Ludgate on LinkedIn

Leading HP's global human resources teams is no small feat. From people development to employee experiences, compensation, benefits, and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, Kristen is at the forefront.

Our favorite post: Kristen shines a spotlight on redefining our relationship with work, making it not just productive but truly meaningful and purposeful.


19. Mona Malone.pngFollow Mona Malone on LinkedIn

Mona's passion has always been learning, leadership, and development during their two decades in the financial services industry. Their responsibilities span far and wide, from Human Resources to Corporate Communications, Donations to Diversity and Inclusion, and even overseeing BMO's corporate university, the IFL.

Our favorite post: A testament to Mona’s unwavering commitment to their team's holistic wellness – they works to create a psychologically safe environment where colleagues can find the courage to share their experiences and lean on each other for support.


20. Lívia Martini.pngFollow Lívia Martini on LinkedIn

From their initial role as Head of International Operations in 2017 to their current position as Chief People Officer, Livia oversees a global team of over 1,800 employees spanning 11 countries. Their mission? Forging an exceptional workplace at Wellhub, backed by their extensive expertise in people management and financial operations. Off the clock, Livia's a lifelong tennis enthusiast and their passion for staying active mirrors their commitment to creating a workplace where everyone thrives.

Our favorite post: Livia reminds us of a powerful truth – the direct link between employee health and our organization's overall wellbeing. It's a compelling reason for companies to pivot from reactive healthcare and traditional benefits to holistic, preventative wellness solutions. 


21. Donna Morris.pngFollow Donna Morris on LinkedIn

Meet Donna, the extraordinary global executive revolutionizing employee experiences. With their wealth of experience, Donna goes beyond engagement and creates exceptional experiences for their team. They know that when employees thrive, the company soars.

Our favorite post: They shine a spotlight on Walmart's incredible family building and fertility benefits and shares the beautiful journey of an employee who, after years of trying, turned to Walmart's benefits for support. 


22. Lynne Oldham.pngFollow Lynne Oldham on LinkedIn

With two decades of progressive HR leadership under their belt, Lynne is a seasoned expert in crafting strategies that fuel growth for startups, private and public companies, and international organizations. Serving as both a Board Member and Executive Sponsor, Lynne skillfully combines their keen business acumen with their unique talent cultivation prowess, producing results that supercharge business success.

Our favorite post: Lynne has helped drive financial progress for employees, boosting productivity, and enhancing retention by forging a path from financial stress to financial success.


23. Christy Pambianchi.pngFollow Christy Pambianchi on LinkedIn

Christy spearheads a vibrant culture of bold innovation, flawless execution, and constant growth. And they're not just all about Intel; they have got their hands in some amazing work as a board member with the Lumina Foundation. They're on a mission to help more Americans get access to post-secondary education and valuable credentials.

Our favorite post: They understand the value of taking a breather even when disconnecting during time off can be a challenge, even for themselves! Yet, Christy’s thrilled to witness a surge of Intel employees making time for well-deserved vacations and sabbaticals.


24. Ronald Schellekens.pngFollow Ronald Schellekens on LinkedIn

Ronald orchestrates the company's global HR function like a maestro. During their tenure at PepsiCo, the company has achieved remarkable accolades, including being named Fortune's most admired company and earning the prestigious title of global Top Employer for three consecutive years, a distinction shared by only a select group of global giants.

Our favorite post: Under their leadership, PepsiCo has earned the prestigious 2023 Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Wellbeing Award from Business Group on Health, a testament to their comprehensive wellbeing programs that encompass physical, financial, emotional, and mental health support for employees and their families.


25. Ellyn Shook.pngFollow Ellyn Shook on LinkedIn

With their visionary global HR team, Ellen is reshaping leadership and talent practices for the digital age. An accomplished author, Ellyn shares their wisdom on the future of work, inclusion, diversity, and responsible leadership by advising Accenture's clients on these game-changing topics.

Our favorite post: In a world that often tells us to put on a brave face, Ellyn reminds us that it's okay not to be okay – caring for your people and their families is at the heart of creating a great workplace for all.


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