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Demar Jackson Shares 5 Tips All Spin Newbies Should Know

Jun 7, 2021
Last Updated May 21, 2024

Photo Credit: Demar JacksoBegin

Beginner spin tips from Demar Jackson

Audience members of “The Bachelorette” became quick spin fans after Demar Jackson, a contestant from season 16, vowed for a rose (and won over the hearts of America). After the show premiered, Bachelor Nation fans flocked to meet him and take his class. 

Jackson, of Scottsdale Arizona, is a program director for The Madison, an indoor cycling studio and a Wellhub partner. There, he’s known as ‘DJ Jackson’ for his heart-pumping, energetic classes that are more of a party than they are a class.  

We were lucky enough to share a minute with him and hear his 5 tipsthat every spin newbie should know before their first ride. 

Whether you’re a spin enthusiast or preparing for your first class, Wellhub partner studios like The Madison are waiting for you. Create a free account, sign up for a Wellhub planand explore studios near you. A new, challenging way to sweat is waiting for you. 

Hydration is 🔑

Jackson: “Before class, make sure you bring your water and sweat towel!”

Early bird catches the…

Jackson: “You want to arrive early to ensure you can get a feel for your bike settings and clipping in, possibly even meet the  instructor teaching the class beforehand.”

Find your rhythm

Photo Credit: The Madison

Jackson: “During class, find the pace and resistance that’s good for you! You don’t need to master spin in one class, go at your own pace to gain your confidence with the rhythm, choreography, and most importantly form.”

Stretch it out 

Jackson: “Don’t forget that your recovery is just as important as the actual workout. Take your time on the cool down and stretch the muscles that were being utilized such as those quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.”

Leave fear at the door 

Jackson: “Don’t be afraid to be challenged. The hardest part is simply signing up and walking through those studio doors.”


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