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Bridging Wellness Gaps: How Wellhub Offers More Than Just a Fitness Membership

8 Dec 2023
Last updated on 16 May 2024

Gone are the days when wellness was just a fancy word tossed around in boardrooms - Today, this concept is the superhero of successful companies. How do we know that? Well, our State of Work-Life Wellness 2024 Report indicates that nine out of ten companies keeping an eye on their wellness spending are seeing a positive return on investment. That includes boosted productivity, trimmed healthcare costs, and not to mention, savings! But, with a smorgasbord of wellness solutions out there, finding the one that’s the right fit—benefit-rich, budget-friendly, and impact-heavy—is somewhat of a challenge, especially because wellness extends beyond gym memberships.

Corporate wellness should be more like a buffet than a fixed menu. Its success lies in its variety of options— creating avenues for better sleep, meditation, social networking, nutrition, financial guidance, as well as fitness initiatives! Only this way can you empower employees to cultivate their most pressing wellbeing needs. Companies navigating the wellness journey can’t rely on an all-purpose solution; instead, any wellness programme of any real value must be as multifaceted and unique as the teams they cater to. So, if you´re looking to weave wellness into your corporate fabric, here are some pitfalls and best practices to look out for.

The Shortcomings of a Singular Wellness Approach

While there’s an undeniable appeal in striking up a partnership with a single gym or offering a specific type of counselling, a one-and-done approach like this comes with more than a few limitations.

  • Exclusivity: Opting for a single solution can unintentionally leave out a significant number of employees. The reasons could range from geographical constraints and personal inclinations to cultural nuances and individual wellness necessities. Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It’s an intricate tapestry, and the journey to wellbeing varies from one individual to another. By offering workers a traditional gym membership, you inevitably ostracise a chunk of your workforce.
  • ROI Concerns: When employees don’t make the most of a wellness facility or gym membership, it’s akin to pouring resources down the drain, diminishing the anticipated ROI. Similarly, offering a cash stipend for wellbeing without tracking its usage can lead to funds being spent elsewhere, not contributing to employee wellness as intended. Casting a wide net with diverse, monitorable wellness options is essential to engage employees effectively and safeguard the investment’s value.

Take, for example, this interesting study by The Retention People. They took a good look at the habits of 10,000 UK health and fitness members over time. What they found was quite telling: those who only used the gym were 56% more likely to cancel their memberships than those who participated in group exercises. This nugget of insight doesn’t just highlight how engagement levels can change, but it also shines a light on just how vital a sense of togetherness and community is in any wellness programme.

  • Reduced Motivation Over Time: Speaking of keeping people engaged, it’s human nature to crave variety. While employees might initially jump on board with a corporate gym membership with zest, this enthusiasm can wane if they’re met with the same monotonous offerings time and again. To keep the wellness flame alive, it's crucial to continually roll out fresh programmes, innovative classes, or novel wellness endeavours to sustain interest and enthusiasm.
  • Diverse Needs: Wellness has never been singular; it’s a sprawling highway with multiple routes. By concentrating solely on physical fitness, other critical lanes such as mental health, financial guidance, and nutritional counselling might be overlooked. As the wellness landscape continues to shift, a rigid wellness approach might leave a lot to be desired. This is why remaining flexible and keeping an ear to the ground plays a massive role.

Wellhub: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Wellhub isn’t just about ticking the wellness box; it’s about embracing a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. It sidesteps the common pitfalls of one-dimensional wellness programmes by providing a diverse array of activities and resources, ensuring cultural subtleties and a multitude of needs are acknowledged through collaboration with local partners. Wellhub's dynamic refresh of events, services, and communication, coupled with enterprise tools, directly addresses ROI and engagement issues, allowing for measurable participation across its offerings. Recognising that true wellbeing extends beyond physical fitness, Wellhub nurtures various aspects within its offerings, making it so much more than just a `gym pass´.

  • Mental Wellbeing: Wellhub understands the profound impact mental health has on productivity — a staggering 95% of employees say so, according to the Wellhub State of Work-Life Wellness 2024 Report. Through a myriad of applications that offer mindfulness practices, sleep optimisation and stress-reducing techniques, employees can foster better mental peace and resilience. Resources likeHeadspace, a mindfulness and meditation tool, andSleep Cycle, which analyses sleep patterns for a better night’s rest, are part of this offering.
  • Nutritional Guidance: With tools for nutrition tracking and mindful eating education, employees can use resources like MyFitnessPal to foster healthy food habits, helping to boost energy and immunity. This is crucial as the Wellhub Work-Life Wellness 2024 report reveals that two out of five (19%) of employees report having a poor diet
  • Financial Education: Nearly half of the employees (46%) cited personal finances as their primary stress source, per the 2024 Wellhub Report. That kind of mental weight bleeds into all corners of life. Understanding this, Wellhub provides access to financial planning resources like Thrive Global, which helps employees alleviate monetary stresses and strategically plan for their future.

But that doesn’t mean Wellhub has forgotten the importance of physical wellness…

Wellhub’s vast network of partners ensures that employees have a wide range of gyms and wellness centres to choose from, accommodating different preferences and routines. With an all-access philosophy, employees can also enjoy our partner locations, accommodating those who travel, work hybrid or remotely. This flexibility allows employees to integrate wellness into their lives, be it in bustling cities or tranquil suburban areas. Fitness partners likeBetter,More Yoga,Everlast Gym, andEveryone Active are part of this network, providing a range of activities from swimming and gym facilities to yoga classes and boxing clubs, catering to diverse fitness preferences and levels.

In addition, tools like Trainiac take personalisation to the next level. Employees no longer have to navigate the fitness world alone; they can now leverage tailored 1:1 wellness and fitness plans with a dedicated coach in a way that fits their schedule. Offering such a diverse array of wellness options leads to enhanced engagement. Companies can expect higher participation rates among employees, maximising programme benefits and ensuring a better ROI. And the benefits don't end with your employees! Wellhub also offers the option to include up to 3 family members in the plan, ensuring wellbeing is a shared, inclusive journey.

All-Inclusive Wellbeing

Wellhub isn’t a one-trick pony wellness solution, it’s the foundation for the future of workplace wellbeing. We bring that one-stop-shop solution to the entire wellness spectrum in a hassle-free manner, ensuring a seamless experience. Moreover, we’re continually evolving, adapting to the fast and ever-changing needs of workplace wellbeing demands.

Opting for Wellhub means providing your employees with a strategic abundance of resources to be healthier and happier, helping you to foster a more engaged workforce. But Wellhub goes beyond just offering the means to make it happen; we stick around for the journey and ensure your tools are being used effectively. Ready to lead the way in workplace wellness? Try Wellhub and see how it transforms your company’s approach to employee wellbeing.


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