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6 Ways Corporate Team Building Exercises Can Improve Employee Productivity

18 May 2018
Last updated on 1 Jun 2023

Why should companies invest in team building? It is like asking why people should invest in their staff; it’s about increasing engagement from staff, in the pursuit of increased productivity which will ultimately provide the sought after, return on investment.

Happy & engaged staff make for a better, more productive workplace.

The benefits of team building are not always immediately apparent and can easily be seen as a “jolly” by some. If done the right way, with key aims & objectives and a focus on ROI, team building eventscan provide an invaluable tool for increasing employee engagement, reaping a range of benefits.


I have already mentioned this word a few times. Team building activities provide an excellent opportunity to encourage employees to develop a more efficient and effective means of working together, reducing the duplication of effort. All this outside of the working environment, in a fun and engaging manner.


Corporate team building games increase employee motivation by providing opportunities, outside of the working environment, to test themselves and successfully complete tasks set for them. Consequently, creating momentum and making them feel good about themselves, increasing their confidences in themselves and their team. Furthermore, it demonstrates the businesses willingness to invest in them.


Collaboration is about understand capabilities, trusting your colleagues experience and being able gain access to that person when you need it. One of the greatest benefits of a properly organised team building exercise is increased collaboration between employees. Subsequently, with the right team building activity, employees can build relationships and development a network of contacts outside of their day-to-day work, which will help them in the future, all within a shared memorable experience.


Creativity & innovation are at the core of any successful business, but cross- pollinating the organisation with fresh ideas can be difficult, even when purposefully employing different people, with diverse perspectives. Out of the ordinary team building events give permission, to employees, to use their imagination to come up with creative solutions. Consequently, communicating to employees that creativity, innovations and the sharing of ideas if a welcome process within your organisation.

Positive Reinforcement

Incorporating recognition into your team building day can send a strong message, to every attendee, about you company values and what that means to the success of the organisation. The right team building exercise can be used to provide positive reinforcement, through providing recognition to employees by highlighting the work they are doing and the behaviours that have lead them to receive the recognition. This further empowers employees and increasing engagement with the company and the brand.

Improved Communication

One of the key benefits of team building exercises at work is improved relationships between employees and as a consequence communication between them. Fun team building activities enable employees to get to know each, bond and create a better understanding of each other, whilst simultaneously breaking down walls of mistrust by allowing them to focus on what they have in common.

Team building events can be a powerful tool, improving motivation, nurturing strengths, addressing weaknesses and developing collaboration & trust. However, without a real purpose, clear aims & objectives and proper planning, they won’t have the genuine impact that they should. Team building days shouldn’t just be “a nice day out of the office”, make the most of any opportunity to increase employee productivity.



Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – a leading event agency in London, specialising in event management, incentive travel management, venue  finding service& team building events. The company has successfully managed in achieving its goals in creating events that exceed expectations and adding value to their client’s businesses. In her role, her best dive is corporate event ideas and event management tips.



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