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Beyond Basic Benefits: Understanding 360 Corporate Wellness

1 Dec 2023
Last updated on 1 Dec 2023

Wellness is the new corporate currency, and all signs indicate that it isn't simply a fleeting trend but a profound evolution in defining and understanding professional satisfaction and retention. Just ask your employees, or take our Wellhub Work-Life Wellness 2024 report for instance. We found that 93% of employees value their wellbeing just as much as their paycheck. This revelation comes from a survey encompassing 5,144 full-time employees, all aged at least 18, across 9 countries.

There are not only high expectations when it comes to workplace benefits in general, but a fundamental necessity to cater to the individual. Not all benefits will appeal to everyone, and these days, employers must find better ways to meet the changing needs of their workforce. Using a holistic, 360-degree approach, Wellhub enables companies to cater to all colours of the wellness spectrum with maximum impact, without the hassle of juggling an excessive amount of wellness partners. In turn, this kind of comprehensive offering has a direct effect on an employee's ongoing relationship with your business.

Loyalty no longer simply lies in the hands of salary or title, but in a holistic sense of wellbeing. This demand isn’t being made by a few employees either, but by the overwhelming majority. The same Wellhub wellness report found that an astonishing 87% of professionals would rethink their commitment to a company if it didn't prioritise wellbeing.

Debbie Westover, Director of Benefits at SoFI, echoed these sentiments by sharing their experience with Wellhub: “As a result of SoFi’s rapid growth, we’re becoming a more diverse workforce – and everybody has unique needs. It’s very important that our [benefits] programme speaks to those needs and is able to support [our] people no matter where they are in their life journey. I want everybody to participate as much as possible on all the different programmes that we have. I think it just breeds loyalty not only to Wellhub, but also to SoFi”. 

How Wellhub Fuels 360-Degree Wellness

The relationship between work-life balance, employee productivity, and wellness programmes is now undeniable. As our workdays and personal lives become increasingly interwoven, especially in the era of hybrid working, the need to create pockets of wellness within each day grows. But because the wellness spectrum is diverse and is never a one-size-fits-all deal, a more tailored approach, rather than generalised initiatives like annual yoga retreats or generic gym memberships, is needed. 

Genuine wellbeing is deeply personal and, therefore, in the corporate environment, requires a degree of adaptability. Which is why we are home to over 50,000 gyms, studios, professionals and digital wellness resources. Each is designed and curated to nurture all aspects of the body and mind, accommodating everyone from beginners to seasoned experts across all wellness spaces. An all-inclusive offering such as this allows corporations to address the needs of the community as a whole, while ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to engage on their own terms. This includes wellness partners like LesMills+,F45 and Bannatyne who offer a range of fitness programmes, Thrive Global, which helps to address burnout and create a sense of purpose,Headspace, which can foster greater relaxation through meditation, and many more options to cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

But beyond that, we’re committed to helping your employees and their extended families enrol and follow through with their chosen wellness journeys. With Wellhub+, added benefits and resources offer a greater ROI, making it a truly effortless experience with streamlined onboarding, communications, hosting of wellness events and a greater wealth of resources. This means your employees not only get the best out of Wellhub, but you’ll get the best out of them. The numbers don't lie; the Wellhub Work-Life 2024 Wellness report found that 90% of companies tracking ROI saw positive wellness returns.

It’s simple, because our wellbeing is at the centre of our lives, we need it to thrive. Unlike most wellness offerings, Wellhub nurtures all aspects of wellbeing: Emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, social, spiritual and of course, the physical. Leaving no stone unturned and empowering your workforce to address the wellness needs that are most pressing, most exciting or even most comfortable for them, at their desired pace. By cultivating a broader scope of wellbeing, employers gain productivity and save on healthcare costs, employee retention and absenteeism. That’s the beauty of a 360 approach.

Creating Personalised Wellbeing Within Your Organisation

It can be challenging to meet everyone's unique wellness needs, particularly in the vast mosaic of a company. It's all about finding the right mix of options everyone can easily access and ensuring maximum flexibility. That's where Wellhub comes in. We give you the golden key that opens the door to a variety of gyms, studios and helpful apps that focus on mental fortitude, nutrition, women's health programmes and even financial wellbeing. You never know where people might need support most, so we never limit our resources. This gives your workforce the gift of choice and absolute freedom, without taking on the mammoth task of administration.

We exist, online and in-person so all employees, irrespective of location or schedule, can benefit. Including those in your company who work remotely. Our offerings cater to those who enjoy dabbling in different classes each week, the fitness heavy hitters who thrive on a strict regimen or those who are simply looking to make the most of their 8 hours at night with some light meditation. Additionally, Wellhub works to gently motivate team members who may have never even considered trading in an evening on the couch for some light outdoor activity. It's the pick and mix of finding an individual wellness rhythm that works whether your company has a team of 50 or 500,000.

With the largest network of wellness resources under one easy-to-use platform. We do away with the limitations of conventional wellness applications and restrictive gym memberships, offering a smorgasbord of resources that bring genuine work-life balance. Not only do we provide employees with scalable tools that align with their wellness journey and lifestyles, but we also help businesses nurture good health-centric habits for the long haul.

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